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I told my mom to call me this morning to tell me what she had to say about Sabrina, we could've met face-to-face but I'm chilling at India's house and I don't want her coming to her crib causing problems, I'm just waiting on her call.

"Breakfast is served." India said and placed everyone's plates in front of them one by one.

"India and I have already came up with names." Lauren said as she joined us at the table.

"Have y'all really? And what are they?"

"Chanel, Imani or London." Lauren replied

I nodded, "I like those, but I was thinking... Armani." I said

India made an unease face, "Armani sounds like a boys name.."

"It's unisex, I thought." I said

"Armadillo!" Royalty shouted out

"Look, even Royalty thinks it's crazy." India smiled, "But I want you to still have a say, so if you figure out something else.. let me know."

"Got you."

My phone started ringing on the table, it was my mama.

I stepped from the table and answered it, I went to sit on the couch in the living room.

"Yeah?" I answered

"No 'hey, how you doin' mom, how are you?' " She asked

"You keep forgetting you on my shit list." I said

"Boy stop cursing at me, now Sabrina is up to no good and I just thought I should tell you."

"Is that it?" I said, making a dull face as if she could see me.

"She's trying to get someone to come and rob you so she can get pay back some guy her boyfriend has affiliations with."

"Aw yeah?.." so that's who that guy was poppin' up at my crib yesterday.

"I cut her off a while back though.." she added

"Then how do you know this and why are you tellin' me just now?" I asked

She went silent, can't even lie straight, "She told me a while ago." She said

I chuckled, "Alright, ma. Thanks for the news, I'll talk to you in a bit. But don't call me, I'll call you." I said

"Wait— when can I see Royalty? She's still my granddaughter."

"You ain't care about seeing Royalty when she was sleepin' in the bed wit' her mama boyfriend and going around here lookin' like a tornado done hit her so you don't care about seeing her now, now bye and I'll talk to you later, I gotta go close the microwave." I said and hung up, anything to get off of the phone.

"You gotta close the microwave?" India asked once I joined them back at the table.

I chuckled with a slight shrug, "I had to give a reason to hang up."

"So what'd she say?" India asked

"Where's Royalty?" I asked, making sure she isn't around.

"In my bedroom, drawing." Lauren said

"Alright, well she was saying that Sabrina was trying to get someone to rob me because she owe somebody some money."

"That's not your damn problem!" India said, putting her fork down.

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