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"She's renting it out for now but she's working on buying it." I explained to Chris as we sipped on the glass of wine, just to "celebrate."

"That's my baby, you definitely know yo shit. Did you exaggerate like I told you?" Chris smiled

"A little but I did lie." I laughed

"I wasn't aware of the holes in the fence in the backyard so when the guy asked me I had to think of a quick, yet believable lie. I told him the workers haven't finished the backyard yet and that the original repair man had gotten an injury and we're in the midst of hiring someone new that's going to fix it before anyone moves in." I explained

Chris thought for a second, "See, coming from a guy that's a human lie detector himself— I would've been able to tell that you were lying. It's too many details. Less details as possible when you lying, so it doesn't sound like a story that was made up. But, you did good baby." He smiled

"I'm a horrible liar, Chris. I'm sure you know that by now. I can't lie to save my life, I felt like I was a complete genius when I told him that and he bought it. I was so caught off guard— I knew everything about the house but that." I said

"Yeah you did alright." He teased

"She seemed like a nice lady though, I know she's really hoping her family likes it— which I think they will because I like it."

"You do?" He smiled

"Yeah, it's gorgeous."

"Maybe we should get a house together, whenever you ready, just maybe." He said

I looked at him to see was he serious, "Is it the wine and weed talking or..."

"No, I'm dead ass serious, India." He said and looked me in my face

"O-Okay. I'll think about it." I said

"Shit, you over here everyday you might as well." He added

I nodded. I'm not ready for that step yet but it is up for consideration.

"Don't you have to meet with the client in a few days to process the payment, and all the other shit?" He asked

"Yeah." I sighed

"She already paid her down payment to secure her spot, she's really serious about this place."

"Aw okay." He nodded

"I'm sleepy, babe. So I'm about to go ahead and go to sleep." I said and took down the rest of my wine so I could lay down. I seen chris staring at me from my peripheral vision.

"Can I help you?" I smiled

"You gave head before?" He asked

I laughed, "Where'd that come from?"

"You took down that wine like you took down other shit before, have you?"

"... maybe once or twice, that's it." I said and got under the comforter.

"Ima have to see what that mouf do one day then."

I playfully rolled my eyes as he laid down. Yeah right.

The next day we all ate breakfast before I had to go.

And a few days later I was getting ready to go officialize things with this client.

I'm so happy she's getting it!

My check is going to be so lovely with this bonus.

"Sign here and we'll be set. You are aware that the lease is up to a 1 year and after you'll have to resign it?" I asked

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