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My mom isn't really sad that Chris and Royalty didn't come, she understands that Chris has to "work" and Royalty has dance class all week. Quotations around work because we all know Chris doesn't work on the weekends.. it was just an excuse that I fed her so she wouldn't know the real reason why he's not here.

My father on the other hand is kind of mad, he said he had some "stuff" for him, although I know it's weed. They're like best buddies, my dad even explained to me how him and Chris are sometimes on the phone.

I'm like blah, get a room.

But in all seriousness, I am glad that he gets along with my parents, although him and I are in a rocky spot right now.

Lauren came along though, so I'm not by myself. Yay.

"I've missed you so much, Rosey posey." Lauren said to my mom as she ate the lunch my mom had prepared for us.

"I missed you more, with your crazy self. I'm glad y'all came back down to visit, I started getting lonely." My mom explained

I smiled, "Where's Anaya?" I asked

"She's on her way home from school, her boyfriend is dropping her off." My mom said

"Boyfriend? Have you met him yet?" I asked

My mom sighed, "Nope. I've been asking to but Naya keeps putting it off with excuses, I don't even bother anymore." She explained

I sighed, "Hopefully he can come around one day." I said

My phone buzzed in my lap and I grabbed it.

Chris: Hey, What you doin' today? I wanna take you out later.
3:30 PM

Sorry, I can't. I'm won't home this weekend.
3:30 PM

Chris: Why not?
3:32 PM

Came to visit my mom ..
3:35 PM

Chris: you could've told me you were going .. we woulda came w/ you.
3:36 PM

Its fine, Chris. I'll call you later.
3:38 PM

"Indiaaa!" Anaya said and ran to me.

"Hey, girl." I said and pulled her into a hug.

"How you been? I've missed you." She said

"Yeah, I'm almost finished with school so y'all will be seeing a lot more of me." I said

"Great!" She smiled

After Anaya and Lauren conversed, my mom and Lauren begin talking and got lost in conversation.

"India, can I borrow you for a second?" Anaya asked

"Sure" I said and followed her upstairs to her bedroom.

She closed the door as I sat on her bed.

"Okay, I want to tell you something.. but you have to promise to not judge me, or think of me any different.." she paused and took a sigh.

I turned my phone off and put it aside of me.

I sighed, "Okay, I'm listening. I won't judge."

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