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"Why aren't you stopping her?" I asked Chris while I jogged to Lauren's car.

He shrugged and tried to find the words to say, "Sabrina need her ass beat." He smiled

"Chris!" I said and pushed him

"Lauren, wait.." I said

"Girl, What?" She said and turned around— standing at her car door.

I turned around and looked at Chris, then back to Lauren, "She talking to you, Chris." I said and stepped aside

"I think she talking to you, baby." He said

"I'm sorry, best. I'm just so annoyed right now— what did you have to say though?" She asked me

"I just want you to hold off on doing this." I said

"And then what?" She asked

I shrugged, "I don't know— think about it." I said

"Chris, do you have anything to say about this? After all this is your babymama." She asked

"Beat her ass, Lauren." He said

With that she got in her car and I got in the passenger seat, Chris got into the back.

"Thanks for helping, Chris." I said as Lauren pulled off.

She drove with so much speed, you'd think she did something to her.

I know her loyalty runs deep, though, my issues are hers and vice verse.

"But, like I said, I never said all of that Sabrina said." I said to Chris

"And this is why she's getting her ass beat, now." Chris said with so much calmness.

I sighed and rolled my eyes. I see I'm the only one that's not really for this. I mean, I am, don't get me wrong, she needs to be beat the fuck up but I don't know— I don't want it to turn into something else, or for my job to get jeopardized.

We pulled up and there were a few cars out front.

"Who are all these people?" Lauren said

"Like we know, Lauren." Chris said

"Well I'm about to go bang on this hoe door." She said

"Aight— come on, y'all." Chris said

"I'm not getting out." I said

"Why not?" Chris asked

"If she sees me she could very well jeopardize my job— call and tell them whatever. She doesn't know Lauren, I don't think, so she doesn't know I'm included in this." I said

"You're right..." Lauren paused

"Yeah, stay in the car, I'll just drag her outside so you can see the show." She said and got out

Chris followed behind her.

I sunk down in the seat and watched every move. As much as I want to get out to get the first look, up close and personal and all but I again don't wanna jeopardize my position and this "recommendation" my manager is going to send over.

I rolled the window down just a bit so I could hear what was going on.


Lauren banged on the door and Sabrina opened almost immediately.

This bitch better not been expecting us...

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