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I made a mistake in "13." saying Anaya is the older sister and she's not, she's younger than India (18.) I would like some comments on this reaaal long chapter I did for y'all.

We were just getting on the express way to head down to NC to visit my mom, we were staying at a hotel though because trying to be under their roof with a father and sister that talk about you behind your back, you know it'll be a lot to talk about once Royalty and Chris arrive.

"Are you hungry, Royalty?" I asked, although it was only a good two hours away, she still has to eat.

"Umm...." She thought


"We'll stop anyway." I said

I was driving since I knew the way, although Chris could've but, I wanted to drive anyway.

I pulled into a quick fast food restaurant and ordered us something quick, stopped at the gas station for gas and kept it moving.

We made it to North Carolina in no time.

I pulled up to my mothers house, seeing her car outside and my father and Anaya's.

I kind of told her we were coming, kind of didn't. I told her I was coming to visit, but I didn't mention that Chris and Royalty were coming along.

I knocked on the door and left our bags in the trunk, I'll get those later.

She opened the door and smiled when she seen me, then when she looked behind me and spotted Royalty and Chris, she practically pushed me out of the way to get to them.

"These are the two we talked about!" She said excitedly

"Come on in! I know the baby is cold." She said

I allowed them to walk ahead of me and then I went in.

"And oh my gosh, she's a spitting image of him." She said, looking from Royalty to Chris.

"Would you like some water? I know the baby wants something warm, I can make her some hot chocolate." My mom said

"And I would likeee...." I started

"India, you can get yourself something, you know that." She said and brushed me off

I took my shoes off and Chris stuck his tongue out at me.

"Where's daddy and Anaya?" I asked before I made it to the kitchen.

"Your father is in the living room looking at the game and I think Anaya is upstairs in her room. They don't know you're here yet, go surprise 'em." She said

I went into the living room and seen my father reclined in his usual chair.

I slowly crept behind him and covered his eyes with my hands.

"Who—" he turned around and noticed me.

"Indiaaa." He said and stood up, he gave me a hug and stepped back.

"I know you brung that boy." He said


"Ya mama talked about you bringing him along since you left, she couldn't wait."

"Aw dang, well you should come meet him anyway. His daughter came along as well." I said

"Great, let's go see." He said

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