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Valentines Day

I looked through my closet a million times and still hadn't found anything to wear.

"India, this man wants you ready by 6, it's 5:45, what are you doing?" Lauren said and sat on my bed.

"I told you I couldn't find anything to wear. He isn't telling me where we're going so I don't know what to put on. I asked him if it was somewhere fancy... club, party, he won't tell me so now I'm stuck." I said and plopped on my bed.

"I'm about to tell him that I'm not going.." I said and picked my phone up.

Lauren snatched my phone out of my hand.

"No, don't do that. Let me skim through your closet..." She said and walked towards the closet.

She opened it and looked through the things hanging up and the things along my shelf.

"Uh....you don't have a lot of going out clothes, let me see if I can find something in my closet for you." She said and walked towards the door

"And we need to pick a day for you to go shopping, cause your wardrobe is..." She said and slightly rolled her eyes

I chuckled and waited on her to come back. I've been in my towel for the longest.

She came back in with an olive green lace bodysuit that still had the tag on it, dark blue jeans, and some black thigh high heel boots.

"Pair the bodysuit with your black jacket with fur. It's not too extra but it's not too causal, get what I'm saying?" She asked

I smiled, "Yes. Thank you, best friend." I said

By this time I had my robe on with my panties and bra already on.

I took the robe off as she sat on the bed and scrolled on her phone.

"Oh hell no." She said


"Change both the panties and the bra neoow!" She said

I laughed, "what's wrong with it?"

"You want him to wanna devour you even more when he pulls off those jeans, not run. You won't be getting no Valentine's Day dick in no boy shorts, on a regular day maybe but tonight no. What happened to that matching set you bought a few months ago?" She said

"It's in my drawer, I never wore it."

"Wear it tonight."

I pulled it out and directed her to close her eyes as I changed into it.

"You and your man not doing anything tonight?" I asked

"He's coming to get me at 7." She said

"Well shouldn't you start getting ready?"

"I have time to get dressed. I wanna make sure you look good before you go though." She said

"Okay, mom." I said

I put on the jeans, the jacket and applied some lip gloss.

"Now what you about to do to your hair?" She asked

"Well I flat ironed it last night so I'm about to just take it out of this scarf and... brush it out." I said

"Okay, let's see." She said

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