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Forgive me 😩 chapter will be very short though, but I wanted to give y'all something .. enjoy 💕

"Kill her." Lauren said

"What?!" I practically yelled

"To stop whatever Sabrina is planning to do, kill her, it'll solve everything." She smiled

"Lauren, I'm not listening to you." I chuckled

"Just know, my way gets things done." She said

"No, your way will get us in jail." I laughed

Sabrina hasn't said anything to me these past few weeks but she has definitely been harassing Chris. Whether it's a text message, or phone call, she makes it known that she's unhappy about what ever it is she's unhappy about. I'm not understanding what she wants though, I think she's just miserable and hurt that Chris moved on and that he really doesn't want her back, that he's doing better and didn't or hasn't came to her mercy like she expected. She's trying to tear his life down in any way possible.

Lauren laughed along with me, "So, how was your first few days at work?" She asked

"It was great! I got a tour around the building, I love my office by the way. I'm off this weekend but when I go back, I'll start trying to build my clientele and start advertising and stuff..." I said

"That's always good to hear, so when are you going to go on maternity leave?" She asked

"Huh? Lauren I'm barely grazing 5 months." I said

"Girl, I'm talking about when you get closer to 9 months."

"Well, we'll just see then." I shrugged

My phone started ringing on the kitchen island.

It's my baby, Chris. We've been dating for a while yet I still get butterflies every time his name appears on my phone screen.

I pressed the green answer button, "Hey, babe." I smiled to myself.

"India, where you at right now?" He frantically asked

"I'm at home, why?"

"Is Lauren there too?" He asked

"Yeah, she was about to go though—"

"Naw, stay y'all ass in, don't leave the house and don't open the door for any strange nigga that knock." He said

"What? Why? What's going on?"

He sighed, "I don't know, exactly. But Sabrina really not trying to let up, she trying to fuck my life up for real. She sending dudes to my crib, I just beat this one dude up and tossed him out, now me and Royalty about to head out." He said

"To where? And what good would is she getting out of this? What do I have to do with this?" I asked annoyed

"We probably about to come there, so we can be together. But, I don't know. I told you she crazy, she trying to sabotage anything that's good in my life." He said

I sighed, "Okay. Be careful and text me when you're outside." I said

"Got you." He said and hung up

I was so scared now. Not of Sabrina but of everything that's going on, I just hope no one shows up here because if all comes down to it, I have to defend my child and I.

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