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School and work has been driving my ass up the wall.

I'm forever busy.

Chris hasn't been really reaching out to me unless it's regarding Roylaty, but Darrell on the other hand make's sure he calls me every other day. I sometimes answer, but other times I just let the phone ring because I don't wanna be bothered.

"I'm about to go out to eat with Dre, I would invite you but I know you wouldn't want it to be awkward. I have my keys so you don't have to wait up for me." Lauren said, outside of my room door.

"Okay, have fun." I said

"Be careful!" I added as she walked away

"Okay, ma."

I'm always locked in with homework, or studying and now, working. I can't wait until I graduate in two months!

My phone started ringing next to my laptop, it was Anaya. I haven't talked to her in days.

"Hello?" She said

"I'm here." I said while putting the phone on speaker.

"Hope I'm not interrupting you, but I just wanted to let you know that I made my decision." She said, sounding as if she had been crying.

I put my books and pen down to give this conversation  my undivided attention.

"Okay, I'm listening.." I said

"I decided to just get an abortion. I did my research and even got clarification, I'm still able to get an abortion at 12 weeks." She explained

"Are you sure this is the step you want to take?" I asked

"Yes, I'm positive. My life is a big wreck right now. I want to at least be on the proper path in life before I decide to have a baby. After the abortion, I'm going to get the birth control implant— it lasts 3 years. In 3 years, I should be somewhere better in life, well I hope." She explained

"So, mom is going to pay for it?" I asked

"Yeah, her and dad had already put the money together." She said

"Well, goodluck, Naya. Tell me how it goes, but you do know after this that you need to remain careful, and think about the consequences of your actions before you take part in them." I said

"Yes, I know."

"I also don't think having two boyfriends is the way to go. It could turn dangerous if one of them found out about each other."

"It's 3." She said


"It was 4, but I left him the beginning of this year— so it's three. Two sounded less complicated and less... hoe-ish so I told you two" She explained

"Well... uh, either way, you only need one."

"I know, I think I'm just going to break it off with all of them and focus on myself for now." She said

"That's the best route to go, have a good rest of the day and keep me updated." I said

"Alright, sis. I love you and thanks for all of your help and support."

"No problem, love you too." I said and hung up.

Whew, Chile! I can't deal, this girl said four... I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time yet she's able to manage four boyfriends and not get caught! The ambition, sis.

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