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I hate when people try and tell me how to write my shit. Lol, come write it for me then.
Any who , enjoy loves ❤️

"Lauren, what do I say?!" I asked, tossing my phone in her lap

When he sent the text message, I sat the phone down, picked it back up and read the message then put it back down and then decided to run to Lauren's room to ask for advice.

She read over the text thread.

"What do you mean what do you say? Say yes bitch!" She said and put my phone aside

"But like I told him, I don't want this relationship to mess up anything.. plus, him and I both agreed we weren't ready for a relationship right now." I said, leaning on her door.

"Well obviously he feels he's ready if he sent that text message. Maybe y'all should just talk about it in person." She said

"Well until that time comes, what do I say now?"

"Uhh..." She started then my phone started ringing.

"It's him." She said picking up my phone and extending her hand for me to grab it.

I grabbed it and sat at the foot of her bed.

"Hello?" I answered

"So you ain't see me texting you?" He said

I smiled, "I did, I just started.. cooking so I—"

"You lying." He chuckled

"How would you know if I am or not? You can't see me."

"Because you sound like you're lying. Plus, you hesitated to say cooking. I probably caught you off guard wit that last text anyway." He said and went silent

"You didn't." I lied

"But don't you think we should talk about it first." I said while picking off pieces of lint on my pajama shirt.

"Yep, and we will. But first, what's your response to my message?" He said

I went silent, I was avoiding responding through text now I have to give an immediate answer, "Of course, I would love to be your girl but, we still have to talk about it." I said

"That's all I needed to know." He said

"I'm about to run some errands so i'll call you back.. matter of fact, if you not busy, stop by at about 8. Royalty should be sleep then." He said

"Okay." I replied

We hung up and Lauren was staring at me, waiting on me to talk.


"He asked what was my answer, I told him yeah but I still wanted to discuss it and he said okay.. he also wants me to come by tonight at 8." I finished

"In other words you finna get some more dick!" She said

I laughed aloud, "No... it may sound crazy but since I'm not intoxicated, it'll be harder for me to come on to him, not get turned on but for me to outwardly pursue him like I did last night." I said and she made a face at me

"Don't look like that, I'm just too self conscious." I smiled

"Well he gone come on to you so be prepared... and don't push him off!" She said and gave me a stern look

"Why'd you think I would do that?" I asked

"Cause I know how yo awkward ass is." She smiled

I smiled and rolled my eyes. She sure does know.

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