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                            2 Years Later

"Mama, I don't know what to put on her and I don't have the time to look for it." Chris said as he rushed around the house trying to gather his work clothes. He went out partying last night for the first time in a year and woke up with his mind everywhere.

He was already 15 minutes late for work, knowing his boss was going to be on his ass. Royalty was running around, not listening to neither her grandma or Chris and Joyce had an appointment to be to in the next hour.
Royalty was suppose to be at dance school an hour ago, it wasn't really for her to dance but it was somewhere for her to go when Joyce nor Chris could keep her. Chris had to change his work hours to earlier in the day because his mother didn't like being out late, watching Royalty and having to drive home late.

It was hard, it really was a struggle. This is where a babysitter or nanny could come in. Chris still has trouble caring for Royalty on his own although it has been two years since he officially became a single parent.

He's seen Sabrina. Not in person exactly but on social media's and in magazines... with different celebrity men every time.

The headline usually reads, "So and so with his new mystery girlfriend."

It doesn't bother him, that's the life she chose. He just has time to worry about his daughter and how they're gonna get by.

After Royalty cooperated and everyone headed out, he was finally able to get to work.

"Fourth time you've been late this week, Brown. Can't keep allowing this." The boss said as Chris grabbed his green vest he needed for work.

"You know my situation, boss. I don't even know why you constantly keep reminding me of how late I be or how many times you won't allow this shit and you know my situation." Chris said, he was the utmost annoyed today.

If anything he was stressed and overwhelmed.
Parenting is so hard on him right now. Then he's behind on rent because his car broke down. He had to dig in the rent money to pay and get it fixed because that was his only form of transportation. The bus wasn't an option because the way this snow and cold is set up here in Virginia, they needed all the heat and less hassle.

He finished his 9-6:30 shift and headed back out to pick up Royalty.

"I'm sorry I'm late." Chris said, walking up to the dance studio. The dance teacher was standing inside at the door with Royalty, lights off and ready to go.

"Mr.Brown, the studio closes at 6:30, everyone should be gone by 6:45. It's 7:20 and you're late every time. Sorry's won't work all the time. I have a life, too. I don't want to be here no longer than I have to be." The dance instructor said.

"You acting like I'm late on purpose. You know it's traffic around this time, everybody gettin' off work. I got off at 6:30 and was on the express way by 6:35, the traffic was just backed up. Don't lecture me like you don't understand how it goes." He said and grabbed Royalty's hand.

"You can't keep coming late, I'm going to have to remove her from this studio if you keep coming late." She explained

"You can't remove shit if I'm paying for this. Have a good night Ms. Bell." He said and walked to his car and strapped Royalty in.

He got in the drivers seat and pulled off.

"How was your day, baby?" Chris asked Royalty. Whether he was in the most horrible mood ever, he always made sure he asked how her day went.

"Good." She smiled

She adored her father. Although dance school wasn't really for her to dance, he thought enrolling her into dance was the best thing since she liked dancing along to songs anyway.

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