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"We have to stop this." I said as I laid there out of breath.

"The rounds? We only did about 2, I got a lil more in me. Why should we stop?" Chris said while adjusting his boxers.

I smiled, "No, us... this." I said while covering up.

"What's wrong with this? From the sounds of those moans, you love it." He said while walking to his garbage, probably disposing the condom.

"I do— gosh, I do. You're perfect. But, I don't want to continue this and feelings get involved, then that's when minor things you do, I dislike and it turns into arguments and just big problems and I don't want that to interfere with Royalty. Then, that'll interfere with me watching her. You and I both know you've been trying for so long to find someone that could work with your schedule and willing to be a figure for Royalty to look up to, I don't wanna ruin that... especially with all the help you need."

He sighed and sat on the foot of the bed, "You know what, lil bit, you make perfect sense. But it's just sex, we don't have to get into a relationship right now since I know you're not ready for that, we don't have to rush anything— just do us."

"But whether it's just sex, or a full on relationship... me being a woman with emotions and feelings, and also being who I am alone, will still spark up issues." I explained

He let out another sigh, "So what you want me to do? A relationship was the first thing I put on the table, you ain't want that, now it's just sex and in so many ways, you're telling me you don't want that. I mean, I don't do shit besides work, when I had a job, take my daughter where she need to be and come home and chill. The worst I do in my life is go out and that consists of me just gettin' some drinks with a few associates. You won't have anything to worry about, I don't have bitches blowing my phone up, DM'ing me, talking crazy and shit. Only thing holding you back is you....I'm all for it."

"But, you know once you get in a relationship with a person everyone comes out of the wedlock with stories to tell." I said

"That's a possibility that's not guaranteed though and if It is, I can control it." He said


"Pulling up slappin' bitches." He said and him and I both laughed.

"Naw I'm just playin', I never been big on hitting females but if I gotta do that to show you I won't let anything get in the way of what you and I tryna work on, then I will." He shrugged

"That's not necessary." I smiled

"I'll think about it though.. but, for the time being I'm gonna go shower." I said and sat up

"Wait— I got another question." He said

"I'm listening."

"Yo lil heart catchin' feelings?"

I made an unsure face, "Dealing with you it's kind of hard not to." I admitted

And what those feelings are saying, I don't know. Maybe it's not feelings but if isn't, then what is it? Either way, I know I wouldn't be good at a one night stand.

He didn't reply to my last statement. I proceeded to throwing on my clothes I threw off so I could go get my overnight bag out of my car.

When I had everything together I went into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

This time I had packed my pajamas so I wasn't going to be going around in no skimpy shorts and thongs. I'd be wearing some fluffy pajama pants and a regular cami top.

I brushed my hair into a bun and exited the bathroom with my things in hand.

"Wassup lil bit." Chris said when I walked in the room

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