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We pulled up to this well lit place. It was nice.

I opened my door, fixing to get out.

"Wait wait! Close the door." Chris said and got out.

I closed the door while watching him run around to my side of the car.

I smiled once I realized what he was trying to do; open the door.

"Why thank you." I said while stepping out.

"Gotta treat a lady like the queen she is." He smiled

I got out and he reached for my hand.

I intertwined my hand with his as we walked
towards the entrance.

"I've been here before but I'm also sure you haven't, since you rarely go out." He said as we walked inside.

"No, I haven't. It's nice."

He went to the desk and told them about our reservations.

We walked to our table and Chris pulled the chair out for me then went to his side.

I observed the menu.

My eyes almost bulged out of my head at these prices.

"These prices are...damn." I mumbled

This is basic stuff I could make at home but I guess the prices are because of the franchise.

"I know that." He said

"Pick what ever you'd like."

I observed the menu. What would I like?

There were options like alfredo, soup, steak, baked chicken, baked potatoes, all of that and more. I couldn't decide though.

"Figure it out yet?" He asked me

"Hmm.. no, I'm so indecisive." I said

"Did you find anything?" I asked and looked up from my menu.

"I know exactly what I want. What I get every time I come here; 5 crab legs with the red diced potatoes and vegetables with a glass of dry, red wine."

I smiled, "I'm over here still trying to figure it out." I said and looked back over the menu.

"What do you eat the most when you go to a restaurant? Like when you go to Applebee's, Friday's, shit like that."

"Chicken tenders and fries."I chuckled

He shook his head, "Try the steak and mashed potatoes. It's good." He said

"I guess I will." I said and closed the menu.

The waitress came and took our orders and now we were left here to converse among each other while we waited on our food.

"I don't wanna sound like I'm forcing you so please don't take it that way, but have you thought about my question?" He said

"What question?" I chuckled

He sighed and rolled his eyes, "What we discussed yesterday, have you thought about it?"

"Oh yeah, I actually did. Although it was only for less than a day but..." I shrugged

"I wanna give it a go... but I really wanna take things slower."

"How slow you talking?" He asked and raised an eyebrow

I sighed, "I just don't wanna move way too fast. I don't want you coming into this relationship with high expectations just like I
don't have my expectations high for you, I expect you to do right by me and vice versa but.."

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