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Lauren and I have been spending more time than we've usually been these past few days.

Chris hasn't called me to watch Royalty and I know he needs me because I know his work schedule and when Royalty has dance classes and things. It's fine though, he hasn't said anything, I won't say nothing.

As of right now, Lauren and I were out to eat at Friday's. I've been enjoying this time we've had together. No Devon blowing up her phone and no babysitting for me.

"Did you apply for the internship?" Lauren asked me

"No, I don't wanna intervene with Chris's work schedule." I replied

"Girl, you gotta make yo' money too. I don't see him putting money in your pockets." She said

"He doesn't have it like that so I don't trip."

"He has it when he's buying steak and lobster or when he's planning these expensive ass events as far as the hotel room shit and going out. When you became his girlfriend, he stopped paying you. Plus, he hasn't been callin' you anyway, so someone has been watching Royalty." She explained

"You're definitely right best friend, where is my head?" I replied

"I know I am, boo. I understand you're trying to be considerate but you need to be gettin' shit for you too, you won't be babysitting for him your entire life. You only picked that up for the winter break anyway..." she said

"Yeah but, I chose to stay." I replied

"And you can choose to stay and still get you some money cause he's not handing out checks." She said

"Right.." I nodded

Who has been watching Royalty though? We aren't broken up so I know he doesn't think he can't call me.

His purpose of getting a babysitter was so he won't have to worry about who's going to watch her and all while he's at work and I'm sure if he needed me he would've been called, it's been a week. I know he hasn't missed work.

I brushed it off and finished eating.

"So back to this internship, it's real estate correct?" Lauren asked


"Right, so I think you should do it. You meet all of the qualifications and all. It's great to have the experience before finishing school." She said

"Yeah and I believe it ends right before I graduate in June." I replied

"Great, so what you're gonna do is apply on your laptop when we get home, you have your electronic transcripts and all so there's no excuses why you shouldn't do it. When you and Chris start back talking, he shouldn't be mad either, he should be happy you're trying to further better yourself. You can't wait it out with him forever while he's stacking his coins, and you sit there.. broke, pinching off of $12." She explained

I nodded along, she was 100 percent right. Any other person would've gotten offended but a "mean" or blunt friend that tells you what you need to hear is the one that has your most interest at heart.

We talked a tad bit more before we paid and left.

She brought her car out so she's driving us back home.

"We have to spend more time with each other, it's a shame we live under the same roof and rarely see each other or do anything together anymore." Lauren said

"Yeah, I know. That's what I was thinking, we're just always tied in with our own lives. You're usually with your mom, Devon or working and I'm usually just at Chris's house, watching Royalty." I said

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