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"He's sorry?" Lauren said, with her hand on her hip.

"Yeah, I can show you." I said, flashing my phone screen to her.

"No, I know he really said it but I just can't believe it." She chuckled

"What are you gonna do with an 'I'm sorry' through a text?" She said and rolled her eyes.

"I know."

"So what did you say back?" She asked

"I didn't say anything," I said and tossed my phone onto my bed, "I didn't know what to say, plus I don't appreciate this apology through text."

"I wouldn't have said anything, girl." She said while fixing her dress.

"Where are you going at.." I paused, looking at the time on my phone, "9 at night?"

"I'm going to a party with Dre."

"And you didn't ask me if I wanted to go?" I asked

"I didn't think you'd wanna go, but you're more than welcomed to." She said

"I need to get out of the house, give me a hot 20 minutes. I already showered." I said and jumped out of bed.

I already had an idea of what I'd wear.

In 15 minutes tops, I was ready.

A gold sequin dress that I was dying to wear, some black strap heels and I pulled the top half of my hair into a ball, leaving a few bang pieces down.

Show stopper.

"Well zamnn!" Lauren smiled while eyeing me.

"You look just as delicious." I winked

She smirked as we walked down the stairs.

"Where is the party going to be at?" I asked as we got into her car.

"It's like this big grand opening for one of his friends that opened a club." She said

"Not bad."

"Wait, should you be going? You can't drink." She said

I sucked my teeth, "I know not to grab a drink. I'm just going to chill, I still want to go out and enjoy myself. Plus, I can be you and Trey's designated driver if y'all get a lil too lit."

"Right, right." She said, pulling out.

"I'm sure you'll find something or someone there to entertain you." She said

"Yeah, I'll be fine, I decided to go."

When we arrived, I seen cars everywhere. There was valet parking but clearly they weren't moving fast enough.

After we had given our car to valet, Lauren and I walked in.

"Give me your hand," She said and extended hers, "I don't wanna lose you in this crowd." She said

I intertwined my hand with hers, cause I too didn't wanna get lost either.

"Hey baby!" She said once she found Dre.

They pulled in for a hug.

"Hey." He said and kissed her cheek.

"What's good, India?" Dre asked, pulling me into a hug.

"Hey, I haven't seen you in a minute." I said

"Yeah, yo' girl got me put up." He replied

"So, what you plannin' to do for the night since you know, you can't drink or none." He said

I sighed, "I just really wanted to get out of the house and get cute. I'm definitely goin' to find me something to eat, chill and vibe to the music." I said

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