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I wasn't scared but I was nervous. I don't know why though, I've watched tons of children before. And, Royalty loves me already.

I went to the front door and knocked.

"Excuse the lights being off and the house a mess... I'm so sorry." He said the moment he opened the door

I walked inside

"It's definitely fine." I said while taking my boots and coat off.

"I have a lot of snacks and what not that doesn't need heating up. Royalty is still asleep, I just needed someone to sit here with her. She won't be woke until 10 or 11, you're welcome to nap right here until then.. I did wake you." He said

"Okay Chris, it's fine. Thank you." I lightly smiled. I could tell he was under more stress than I could put into words.

I sat on the couch and he left out. It was dark and silent... after I scrolled on my phone it became more and more awkward. I guess I will go to sleep.


I wish this could be over with... I wish all this shit would go away. Why couldn't it be me who was out living life, rich with my daughter of course.

I arrived to the electricity company and walked in. Moments later I was assisted.

"You're 50 dollars in debt." The lady said

"50 dollars?! Y'all trippin' about 50 dollars?! I can give y'all that shit now, come on now you know it's winter time and heat is what everybody using. It's cold as hell." I said

The lady and I had a full on great debate before I convinced her to turn my shit back on. I texted India and let her know that everything should be reconnecting any minute. Now I was on my way to cuss my landlord out for the umpteenth time and then to the rest of these bill people.

A nigga really is struggling.


It was 9 AM. I didn't sleep long because I'm not in the comfort of my own home, plus Royalty will be getting up soon. I decided to walk around, not snoop but just look. I mean I am going to be here a lot babysitting his daughter so I should be getting the feel of the place.

I observed the downstairs area. It had one bathroom which was neat and tidy.
A laundry washing room which had clothes nicely folded on the shelves above the washer and drier and a pile that appeared to be clean on top of the dryer. Some clothes lye inside the dryer as well. I went into the kitchen and the sink held a few dishes. Not too many but enough. Food still down, not opened but it was just things like Cereal and preservatives.

I went upstairs and there were closets and Royaltys' room with Chris' room as well. His door was closed, as well as Royaltys' but I opened hers to check on her. She lay sound asleep. She's so gorgeous, even while sleeping.

I was bored so I decided since I can't sleep I'd be nice enough to straighten a few things up In the living room, not sure of where everything belonged so I didn't touch too much. I just put them in order. I folded the clothes that were out and neatly put them inside of the empty basket. I went into the kitchen and washed the few dishes and put the foods back up and sat back on the couch. The lights popped back on in the midst of all of this. Heat immediately began circling the air and the television popped on.

I decided to make Royalty some pancakes and eggs for when she awakens.

I heard footsteps and looked towards the stairs and down came Royalty. Just in time.

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