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Short chapter. Enjoy ♥️

My mom and Royalty went to go see a more child-like movie, Ralph Breaks The Internet. I was actually in for the scary movie that my father, Chris and Anaya wanted to see. I wanted a seat near the far end so I could look at the movie in peace and recline while eating my snacks, whereas Chris and my father have been talking all the way here so they wanted to sit next to each other. I love how they bond with each other, I would've never expected it. Anaya had brung along a friend, some girl from her school, so they're sitting somewhere up top with each other.

We just came from shopping and our bags are in the car. I'm worn out from walking around all day, so this movie is my relax time.

This movie theater is nice actually. Their seats recline, the screen looks bigger than the average movie screen, and they don't have a million people in here talking and what not, it's very laid back.

About 20 minutes into the movie, I seen Chris coming over to me.

"I missed you, baby." He said and sat next to me.

I sighed, "I missed you more." I said as he kissed my forehead.

He tried to squeeze into the reclining seat that I was reclined in.

"Chris," I sighed, "You know damn well you can't fit in this with me."

He chuckled, "I just wanna be close to you."

"You can be close to me when we get home, move over. This is my space."

He mugged me, "You mean."

"No I'm not, look at the movie." I said

He folded his arms and did just that.

An hour into the movie I felt myself drifting off into a sleep. I tried readjusting myself, taking a sip of my drink, but I couldn't stay awake. I took a nap earlier so I don't know why I'm so tired.

I felt Chris tapping me repeatedly, but I didn't wanna get up.

"Why can't you just leave me be?" I whined

"You in the damn movie theater sleep, unless you wanna get left right here, I suggest you get yo ass up." He said

I sighed and opened my eyes with my lip poked out.

"You can sleep all day when you get home." He said as he helped me up

"Yo, Chris, that movie was good wasn't it?" My dad asked as we walked out

"Yeah it was, I actually liked it." He replied

Anaya and her friend walked behind me as Chris and my father walked ahead. I could've sworn I heard her lil friend make like a million remarks regarding how good Chris looks, but this time I had to look back.

"He's the perfect height, he's full of tattoos, he's gorgeous girl." She said

"Who are you talking about?" I asked, I wanted to be sure before I put her in her place.

"The guy walking with your dad, he's so.. ugh." She blushed

"Yeah, he's very ugh and he's mine, ugh," I said full of sarcasm, "And, he's 25, aren't you like 16 or 17? Shouldn't you be looking at people in your age range? And, Anaya, you should've told her lil hot ass that he was with me." I said

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