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I had already brushed my teeth and washed my face being Chris instructed me on where everything was last night. I was just lying in bed now as he slept peacefully. He let out light snores. He was so cute sleep, why does he not have a girl yet? Anyone would want him, you'd think.

The thoughts instantly cleared my mind when he began moving. After a few more tosses and turns, he woke up and looked directly at me.

"Finally you're woke." I said and smiled

He gave a slight smile and turned over.

"What time is it?" He groaned

"8:30" I answered

"You up early as hell to had went to bed by 4 some." He said and got up, stretched and went downstairs.. I'm assuming to go to the bathroom. That's the first thing probably everyone does when they first wake up.

I sat there for a second and scrolled on my phone until I remembered that I needed Lauren to bring me some clothes by.

I dialed her numbed out and put the phone to my ear.

"Hello?" She answered

"Hey you up?" I asked

"Yeah, making breakfast. I see ya lil fast ass ain't come home last night, you got some didn't you?" She said and let out a light chuckle

"Nooo, don't start talking like that I'm in his room. I needed you to bring me some clothes." I said

"Why you in his room if y'all didn't do anything?" She said, attempting to cross examine me.

I rolled my eyes, "Because he insisted I stayed since it was late. Can you bring me some clothes please? I feel odd in these boxer shorts."

"Mmmmhm. Well give me at least 20 minutes cause I need to get Devon out of here, do you got anything specific you want to wear?" She asked

Chris walked back in the room by now.

"No, you know what I wear.. just don't forget to put me a pair of panties and bra inside." I sort of whispered

She chuckled, "Okay girl."

We hung up afterwards.

"Ya mama?" Chris asked

"I'm sorry?" I asked

"Was that ya mama you was just on the phone with?" He asked and flopped back on the bed

As he spoke the scent of mint lingered so he must've just brushed his teeth as well.

I let out a slight chuckle, "No, my bestfriend. She and I live together, I had told her to bring me some clothes by. She was being difficult though.." I said

"You don't like the boxers and big t shirt?" He joked

I blushed, "It's not that I don't like it. It just isn't my type of style when it comes to dressing and coordinating." I said and finished with a smile.

"I get you." He said and smiled

I looked down for a second just to look back up and see him still staring.

He immediately looked away once he realized I seen him.


She's beautiful.

I wonder if she's single. I want to inquire on her love life but that's none of my business, all that needs to be worried about is Royalty. Plus I don't want to give off the wrong impression. I would just like to stay friend zoned for now anyway, because when I get my feelings attached and involved, it's so hard for me to detach them and move on.

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