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Month later: June


When I told Lauren what Chris had done when I broke the news to him, she was angry. She wanted to go over there and , "beat his got damn ass." I didn't think it was necessary, clearly what he had explained to me was a lie so he could continue hitting raw.

I've been sulking around these past few weeks, like a damn baby. I told myself to get over it a million times but, it's kind of hard. This isn't a breakup that one can get over in a few weeks or a few days if they're lucky.  It's your boyfriend practically telling you he doesn't want the baby you both made.

Lauren would try to console me by bringing me ice cream or things of such, spending time with me. She's the best. She has been here for me, even on the mornings when I'd have morning sickness, or sickness all day. I was surprised I even got it being that last month I didn't get anything, I had no symptoms. She'd stay home some nights when I was really deep in my feelings and look at movies with me, or we'd stay up and talk all night. She has been a really great support system for me. I'll forever be grateful for her.

But, on to big and better news, a new realtor was assigned to Sabrina after I asked to be reassigned. She hasn't been messing with my shit, or saying anything to me for that matter, I just don't want to be bothered with her anymore, nothing to be reminded of Chris. I do wonder what she was showing up to Chris's house for that day though.

"Are you ready?" Lauren smiled

"Yes." I said and fixed my dress.

"Today is the big day, don't let anyone ruin it." She said and kissed my cheek.

"You look so pretty." She said and looked in the mirror with me.

I graduate today if no one has figured it out. Well, not necessarily a graduation, but I earn my bachelors degree— so excited. I worked long, hard ass years to get here.

"Can you tell?" I asked and smoothed the dress out a bit more.

"Girl, no. You're not even showing yet— you're not gonna be a month until a few more days. You do have this glow that's lookin' great on you." She replied

"Great." I said

I grabbed my purse and my heels.

"I'm driving." She said as we walked downstairs.

I was hoping so.

I'm so excited to see my family. I haven't seen them in months.

We arrived to the place the graduation would be being held and Lauren and I walked inside. I really wish Chris could see this moment but it's fine, whatever.

"I'll see you after the ceremony." I said to Lauren and gave her a long hug.

I joined my class after I put my cap and gown on. They did their speeches, blah, blah.. it felt like they talked for an hour.

When it was time for my name to get called I was nervous. I was sweating and then some.

"India Varma."

I heard the room fill with loud applauses. The applauses made me feel much better. I walked with ease to grab my degree.

It felt so good.

I walked down the steps and took my seat. After the ceremony, I went to find my family.

"We're so proud of you!!" My mom yelled, found them. She pulled me into a tight hug as we rocked back and forth.

"My baby has grown all up, I'm so proud." My father said and placed some flowers in my hand.

"Stand there so I can take a picture." My mom said

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