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It's the first week of April.

I graduate in two months and Chris and Royalty's birthday is the next month.

Chris and I haven't talked since the end of February when we broke up, but Royalty and I FaceTime every other weekend, and I even got the pleasure of visiting her a few weekends ago. Other than that, it has been boring, but for the most part the single life has been good to me.

I'm not having any shady shit done to me, I'm not worried about what one could and has been doing— I'm fine.

My internship is going great too! And I'm almost finished with school, there's no complaints.

I plan to go down to North Carolina this weekend to pay my mom a visit, I know she's going to question where Chris and Royalty are but I'll simply express how they weren't able to make it.

In all, I'm surprised Chris hasn't even at least attempted to reach out or falsely apologize. He either moved on during the break up, or shortly after or he just really believed the lies his mother fed him and decided to not mess with me from there.

And, I'm fine with that. I guess we weren't meant to be. I'm kind of glad I hadn't talked to him or that we haven't seen each other, so I won't be tempted to fall back in his arms again and go back on my words.

"You ready?" Lauren came into my room and asked

It's the weekend and we're about to go ouuuut!

I can't wait. I've been anticipating on the weekend for the longest. I've been so busy working and studying and doing homework that I haven't had time to even spend with my best friend like we previously begin doing.

"Yes, I'm ready girl!" I said and straightened out my dress before grabbing my small crossover purse and following behind her.

"You look so yummy, girl. I hope you catch a nigga eye!" Lauren said as we walked to her car.

"Me? You look good too!" I replied back

I have on this black dress with a slit and some gold heels with a small dainty necklace on. I put on a dark jean jacket just so I won't be cold. My hair is flat ironed down the middle, I look good. I even feel good.

Lauren has on a red tube dress and some silver heels and her dyed, blonde, curled hair just makes her outfit pop. She had a light denim jacket to go over her, we're so bomb tonight.

It's not really cold out surprisingly, it's just severe windy ness , but we're in a car so we're fine in these dresses.

We're about to go to this grand opening to this club downtown. I can't wait to get fucked up and I'm not even a drinker, but I haven't been out in two months.

Lauren suggested we get an Uber back if we feel we're too fucked up.

"I know i'ma be leaving with somebodies man tonight." Lauren said and stuck her tongue out.

I chuckled, "Girl it's not cute to take someone else's man or brag about it." I said

She smacked her lips, "I know girl, let me talk my shit!" She said and playfully rolled her eyes.

"I hope you actually dance tonight too, because you be acting all shy and shit." Lauren said

"I'll try, girl, I'll try. I just don't like the attention and the thought of everyone's eyes on me." I explained

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