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It has been weeks.

All I was trying to do right now is catch up on all of my homework. Since I've been down here, I've been really slacking on it, starting on it a day before the due date and all. I've just been so busy trying to make sure my mother is alright, worrying about her and what not, I've been losing focus.

"Dad said are you hungry? We're going to go get some Wendy's." Anaya said and stood at the door of my old room that I was occupying while I was here.

"Y'all can go on, but I did want something, maybe a burger or something." I said to her

She nodded and walked off.

I was catching some vibe from her but I couldn't grasp what it was.

I blew the feeling off and continued on with my homework.

Near the end of my last assignment, my phone rung, it was Chris. Speaking of him, we haven't talked much since I've been here. It's only been 2 weeks since I've left and it seems like him and I don't even know each other the way we're communicating with each other.

"Hello" I answered the face time call.

RoRo was in the camera.

"Mommy, I miss you so so much!" Royalty smiled

My face lit up with a huge smile, "I miss you more, baby. Are you being good?" I asked her

"Yes. Daddy and I made cookies, wanna see?" She said

"Of course"

She flipped the camera and showed me the chocolate chip cookies that sat in the pan.

"Oooh, I want some." I said

And I did. I was hungry, I hadn't eaten anything all day.

"Daddy misses you." Royalty said while flipping the camera back on herself.

"Aw he does? Where is he?" I asked

"I think he's sleep. After we made the cookies, he ate his and then sat on the couch and fell asleep."

So she just mastered how to use his phone all on her own, password and all.

"Wake him up." I smirked

She smiled in the camera and walked over to where I guess he was at.

She tapped him a few times and then sat next to him, showing that her and I were on FaceTime.

He looked confused at first but then when he realized that the camera was on him and I was looking at him, he woke up. He wiped his mouth and cleared his throat.

"Aw damn, wassup lil bit." He said and wiped his face.

"You left my baby up by herself?" I teased

"A nigga tired, she understands. How you been?" He asked, taking control of his phone.

"I'm fine, my mom is getting better and the doctors said that she should be coming home any day now." The cancer had came back but since they found a way to fight it the first time they're able to fight it again.

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