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I waited until we got back to Virginia to tell him what Lauren had told me. I didn't tell him yet, but I'm about to. My parents were a bit upset about us leaving but I promised we'd come back in a few weeks.

Royalty is in dance class, we're actually going to register her for kindergarten when August gets here next month. I'm so excited.

"Chris..." I said as I walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Yeah, baby?" He asked as I approached the room

He was sitting on the bed with a tray in his lap and crushed up weed on it with an empty blunt in between his fingers.

"I wanna talk to you about something." I said

"What? You wanna tell me you pregnant again?" He teased

I playfully rolled my eyes and sat next to him, "No, obviously it isn't that."

"Wait- before you tell me, I did something dumb on some real high shit when we went to visit yo' parents..." he said

"And what was that?"

"Well, it actually wasn't just me being dumb, yo' pops convinced me. But, you remember when we had all went to Walmart after we went bowling?" He asked


"So y'all had split up and me and yo' pops was walking around, we somehow ended up in the feminine aisle, so yo' pops says, 'I wonder if you pregnant, since India is pregnant, and you know she pregnant by you..' " he paused

"And I swear I fell out laughing cause he was dead ass like he thought he was saying some serious shit, like he was educating me or something. But, you know we high off some exotic shit so my dumbass agree, I'm like 'Right, it don't hurt to check' , so I pick up a pregnancy test, yo' pops like, 'Them damn thing's is about $20, if you gone take one just go on in the men's room, forget about paying for it.' So I go to the men's room and followed the directions on the box, it come back negative- of course. When I told yo' pops, I promise you he had me damn near in tears from laughing." He chuckled

"When I tell you this man acted like he was on Maury or some goofy shit, like he damn near fell out when I said it was negative. Then gone say, 'whew, I'm glad it wasn't positive. We don't need two pregnant parents.' "He paused and burst into laughter again

I laughed along with him, my father is really a trip.

"Then when I grew sober I'm like that weed something serious for both of us to think I could get pregnant cause you pregnant by me, like men can't even get pregnant." He said and finished rolling his blunt

"Next time I go down there and you come with me, I'm hiding the weed. I swear It gets stronger each time you visit. It's good that y'all are like best friends, though. But, let me tell you.." I paused

I'd hate to ruin the good mood he appears to be in but it's best for me to tell him before I forget or before anything happens and he's caught off guard.

"Alright, I'm listening.."

I let out a deep sigh, "I don't know what they're planning, but I think Sabrina and your mom are working together to plot something against you. Not only because Joyce randomly hit you up, but also because the other day Lauren called me and told me that Sabina popped up at our place telling her to tell me that I should leave you alone because what ever you have coming your way, I wouldn't wanna be apart of. She also knows that I'm pregnant too." I said

He finished rolling his blunt without looking at me, clenching his jaws and acting as if I didn't just say what I said.

"Chris.." I said and lightly touched his shoulder

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