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The next day I woke up with a horrible migraine. My head was pounding so bad, it was as If I allowed someone to play drums on my head for an hour. I kept closing my eyes, going back into a sleeping coma for at least an hour before I finally awakened and my migraine had ceased to a  headache.

I spent most of that day laying around and sleeping off what ever migraine's or dizziness I accumulated. I was back on my feet by that night seeing I had a few homework assignments to finish up on and I had to get well for school and my internship, aka "work" the next day.

Now i'm on my way back home after being out at school and work all day. Chris didn't text back neither. It's been almost 2 days since I sent the message. I was better off blocking him anyway if he wasn't going to reply, but it's okay. Him not replying said enough for me, because no reply is a reply, and it says so much. I don't know how I could think that Chris was any different than these other guys, he whispers sweet nothings and things that sound good just like any other guy does, he runs game to get sex just like every guy does-- well he didn't run game to get sex, I think I kind of initiated our first time so I take that back, but he is like other guys overall. 

I don't know why I thought I was so special or special enough to get special privileges. I don't know why, I just know I told myself to never do it again. 

I'm not moping around like I was at first because that's going to get me nowhere and it's leading me to nowhere. I'm slowly but surely getting back on my shit and i'm not about to allow no nigga to stop my flow.

I pulled up to the house and realized Lauren was home. I walked in and took my shoes off and placed my purse and book bag on the carpet. I went upstairs with my coat and put it in my closet, afterwards I knocked on Lauren's door and she directed I come in. 

"Hey girl, I didn't even know you was home." She said while writing some things down on a paper.

"I just got here, I haven't been here long. What you doin'?" I asked and sat at the foot of her bed.

"Girl, nothing. Writing down some stuff for my mama." she replied

"Hmm, okay." I said and stood up

"I'm about to go make me something to eat." 

"Make me what ever you make yourself, I'm hungry too." she said as I walked towards her room door. 

"Oh, yeah! How could I forget, Chris stopped by!" she said and put her hand over her forehead

I turned around and looked at her, I'm actually surprised he stopped by, "And said what?" I said and rolled my eyes. 

"He was looking for you of course, and I told him like boy you didn't see her car outside so why'd you proceed to coming to knock on the door knowing you didn't see her car, he was like he still wanted to know where you were, so I told him you was more than likely just leaving school or work and on your way home."

"What'd he say then?" I asked

"He just said he'd stop by later on or tomorrow and I said okay and slammed the door in his face." She explained

"How'd I know you gave him attitude and you didn't even have to tell me?" I laughed

"Girl, you know I couldn't hold it back. I wanted to cuss his ass out and send him on his way but, I had my mom on the phone." she explained

I chuckled, "Okay, girl. Thank you, I'm about to whip us up something." I said 

"Okay poo, i'll be waiting." she smiled

I walked downstairs now with the last conversation on my mind.

What'd he want? He wants to talk after I told him how I felt? Maybe he's coming over to officially break it off with me. He may be bringing me my few items I had left at his place. Maybe he's coming to finally tell me how he feels before he ends it, or maybe he's just coming to break my heart and place it on the doorstep, which once held a place inside of his. He might be coming by to show me a picture of the girl he chose over me... I could go on all day, my brain needs to turn off. 

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