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I chose to do both Sleeping With the Enemy and Awake, and I'll do Just Friends and Sentenced after those two are nearing the end or I'm tired of them lol. And ima only say this once — y'all BETTER read that shit 😭 cause I'm not only doing 1 but I'm doing both of them cause y'all really wanted em... and I was also confused but this not about me. 🙃😌 I'll keep y'all updated whether it's a separate chapter or in the beginning of the update for this book, about the stories .. be on the lookout.  Enjoy.♥️
Ria ❣️

I fixed my suit, made sure I looked presentable and grabbed my keys. I finally got my hair cut. Today is the day I go to the hearing to see about gaining custody over Royalty, and I hope all goes and ends well, but, if things don't.. I won't be disappointed, I'll just keep trying until I get her back.

[PAUSE: I don't know shit about court and the rules and how stuff go so don't come running like polices tryna comment and tell me what's wrong and what I should've done. -Management.]

I got in my car and hurried there, I'm not late, I'm actually 15 minutes early, but I just wanna get it over with.

When I got there I went to my lawyers office to notify him that I was present.

"Step in." He said, I closed the door behind me and sat at the chair next to his desk.

"I have all the paperwork I need, all the information I could dig up on Sabrina, and I also have the proof that Royalty has been in your custody for years. The hearing doesn't start until another 10 minutes or so, and I'm going to do most of the talking. If the judge asks you any questions, then you may proceed to speak but for this hearing I'm going to be doing majority of the talking— since I have all of the information I need." He said

I nodded along.

"Not saying it won't go well, but let's say it doesn't, don't get your hopes down, because there's always another hearing we can schedule to continue proving our point. Are you ready?"

"Yes, I am." I said

I sighed and took another deep breath.

We walked to the court room and I seen the judge take his seat and Sabrina, with her lawyer.

The hell does she need a lawyer for? I searched around for Royalty but I didn't see her, she knew not to bring her, cause I would've said fuck this hearing and grabbed her and ran outta here.

After the judge said his opening statements and what not, we begin.

"Sabrina Eason, why do you feel that Royalty Brown should remain in your custody? Do you have any proof that she's in any harm or danger under Christopher's custody?" The judge asked

She cleared her throat, clearing the way for her lies to come through, "When our daughter is with Chris, he's barely with her. She's always with her grandmother or his girlfriend, who isn't fit to be a mother, he's never home to feed her or to bond with her, she's always put off on someone else's hands. I prefer her to be with me, where she'll spend time with me and not be put off on anyone else." She finished

I mugged her from my seat. I should choke her lying ass out right now.

"Royalty is 4, correct?" The judge asked

"She just turned 5."

"5, excuse me, so it has been 5 years and you decide now to gain custody, can you tell me why is that?"

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