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Chris is getting ready for work, he has to be there by 5. I get here at no less than 4:50, since it only takes 20 minutes to get here, by the time I'm pulling up he's getting ready to leave out.

This time he wasn't. I still seen his car parked outside.

I knocked on the door and it abruptly flew open.

An anxious Chris opened the door then proceeded to what he was doing which looked as if he was running around the house.

"What's goin' on? You lookin' for something?" I asked while closing the door. The living room looked all out of tact.

"He lost his work shirt." Royalty said and grabbed onto me.

"Chris.." I said and he stopped and turned around.

"What? I'm already late." He said with slight attitude.

I mentally rolled my eyes, "Your work shirt is in your top drawer." I said

"How could I forget? Thanks." He said and jogged up his stairs.

He came down minutes later and threw on his coat and some ACG boots.

"Alright, love you." He said and kissed Royalty's forehead.

"See you later, lil bit." He said and kissed my cheek.

Then jetted out of the door.

I sighed and looked around while taking off my coat and boots.

"I'm hungry." Royalty said

"Daddy didn't feed you?" I asked while we walked to the kitchen.

She shook her head no.

"Well I ate very early ago." She said, and I cracked a smile.

"So you ate this morning but you didn't get anything for lunch? He must've been overly anxious." I said aloud

I looked around in the cabinets while she sat at the island and watched me.

I found something for lunch and even got an idea about what I'd make for dinner.

"Although I found something, he does need to go grocery shopping." I said, not expecting a response.

"He does. He ran out of my fruit snacks." She said

I smiled and put together something for lunch for her, something that'd keep her content these next few hours until I prepare dinner.

While she ate I cleaned the kitchen. Did the dishes, wiped the sink and counter down and swept. I started washing the clothes that were piling up in the laundry room and then went to the living room.

"Is your room dirty, baby?" I asked Royalty after she finished eating, while I picked up the few pieces of trash on the table, then placed the throw pillows back on the couch.

"A little." She replied

"Can you be the doll you are and go pick some of the things that are messy?" I asked

"Okay." She said and joyfully went up the stairs.

She's the greatest.

Chris has this house looking a mess, luckily I'm almost done down here.

I pulled the vacuum out and vacuumed the living room and down the hall.

After I was finished, I lit an incense and downstairs was all set.

I jogged up the stairs to go see how far Royalty had gone, so I could help her.

"Oh you did great!" I said, seeing her attempting to make her bed. No toys were out and everything was in place.

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