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My heart lurched and I looked down at my shorts to see a slow stain of water trickling down my pants. And on the floor the clear liquid was beginning to puddle. “Oh my God..." I whispered.

I opened the door and no one was in the room. “Jarvis?" I called out. “Yes, Ms.Nessa?" His cool voice asked. I sighed in relief. “Where is everyone?" I asked.

“In the living room. There seems to be a conflict." He added as I walked slowly out of the room. I tried walking as fast as I could but had to stop twice to ride out contractions.

Finally I walked out into the living and entered a war zone. “No we are not going to do that!" Fenrir yelled. I looked at him and he was tense. “Fenrir we have to make a decision, take her to the hospital or risk her having the babies here." Nari shot back.

“I don't want them to just send her back and we get caught up in traffic. I say we wait." He fires back. “Guys..." I interject trying to get their attention. But they don't hear me and continue to talk. Finally I get annoyed.

“HEY!" I scream just as another contraction starts. All heads in the room swivel to me and it goes quiet. “My water just broke... so can we just go before I die." I hiss. Ryan hurries to me and I nod.

Fenrir picks me up and Ryan runs to the elevator. I look behind us and Nari has Malin in his arms with Alina following me.

“This is really happening..." Fenrir mutters to himself nervously. I nod, “Yes Fenny... it is you're going to be an uncle." I said grabbing onto his shoulder just as another contraction starts. “Someone time them." Ryan calls out.

I close my eyes and the elevator stops. Fenrir jogged briskly out and I opened my eyes as he looked around. “Jesus... there's traffic everywhere." He growled. I pulled out my phone and threw it to Alina. “Call Dad, he'll get us there." I yelled.

She nodded and turned away. “Dad, we need your help. Nessa's in labor. Yes, labor. You didn't know she was pregnant...? Well she is. There's traffic and we can't get through can you come and get us?" I listened to her conversation and knew I was in big trouble.

I hadn't exactly told a lot of people that I was pregnant. It was safer that way.

Another contraction knocked the breathe out of me. It seems like my whole insides were being squeezed like a dish rag. I whimpered and Fenrir rubbed my back trying to soothe me. But it wasn't working, I cried out and felt the instinct to push.

“What are you doing Nessa?" Fenrir barked looking down at me. I shook my head unable to speak. “Is she pushing? Nessa don't push!" Ryan yelled.

I heard the screech of tires and Fenrir rushed foreward. Doors opened and I was slid into the back. It ended up being me laying my head in Fenrir's lap and Ryan perched on the seat at my legs. Alina sat in the front looking back at us.

“Go!" She yelled. Police sirens turned on and the car lurched forward. I cried out at the beginning of another contraction and grabbed onto Fenrir's arm. He stroked my head and I tried to keep the scream in that was trying to work its way out.

“Check her Ryan!" Alina yelled. I closed my eyes and tried not to push as he yanked down my shorts and underwear. “Oh my God..." He muttered. Everyone but the driver stared at him expectantly when he looked up.

“This baby isn't going to wait." He said taking off his jacket. “What?" Fenrir whispered in shock.

“Okay... The baby is coming. And we're in a car. In the middle of a Manhattan. I can do this." He told himself as he reached under the seat and pulled out a first aid kit. Fenrir took off his shirt and handed it to Ryan.

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