Ch. 10

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Okay I'll try and do better on this chapter. I didn't exactly give it my hundred percent on the last one. I finished my essay yesterday so that's great. Never underestimate the power of a procrastinator who waits till the very last minute to do anything around here.


Nessa and Nathan crawled through the overhead air vents quietly, or as quietly as they could. Between Nathan and his over active stomach and Nessa with her insistent grumbling they were on the verge of an argument.

“Your poking me with your elbow and I can't see!" Nathan whisper shouted while pushing Nessa to the side. “Shut up!" She hissed and looked down through the air vent to see what was going on below.

The two were situated in one of the many air vents that criss crossed over the main control room. Below them agents scurried around and typed on computers but the two where yet to find out what was really going on.

All they knew was that yesterday a portal was opened and a hostile crazy dude stepped out, took Clint hostage, and took this blue glowing cube.

Earlier they had finished one of their prank jobs when Nathan grabbed Nessa from the flight deck. They found some caffeine boost packets and had dumped a load of them into the coffee pot where Hill usually got her coffee.

They did expect for her and a vast amount of agents to start drinking it. Now they sat above and watched as the agents ran around and bumped into each other on an energy high.

They're giggling was cut short when Fury her dad asked where she was. They both froze and slowly looked at each other. Nathan started to crawl down the vent slowly making the thing painfully creak but Nessa had another idea.

She grabbed his ankle and squeezed her eyes shut tightly. Instantly they disappeared and reappeared in her room. Just in time too. They hopped on the bed quickly and pretended to be talking about a upcoming assignment when Hill stuck her head in the room.

They smiled at her innocently and she narrowed her eyes accusingly. “Fury wants you guys to stay in your rooms for the rest of the night." She says still glancing at them warily. After telling them she shut the door and quickly left.

They turned to each other and grinned widely. “This calls for a-" Nessa began. “Sleep Over!" Nate finished excitedly. They started laughing and ended up laying all over each other in a fit of giggles.

Later that Night

Nessa and Nathan had spent the night cuddled up underneath her blankets watching movie after movie starting with Tangled, because it looked interesting as Nathan explained.

Nate looked over and saw Nessa sound asleep with her curly hair all in her face. He considered drawing something on her face with pen but it was too risky since Nessa was a light sleeper, and he would surely be caught.

But just as he was about to drift asleep he heard Nessa cry out in her sleep, and he was instantly awake. He shook her shoulder to try and rouse her from her night mare but snatched his hand back when it came into contact with the bare skin of her arm.

Her skin was on fire, literally! Even for him she was really warm. He stood up and turned on the light to see what was going on, but regretted it immediately.

Nessa's usual honey shaded skin was now a shade paler. She cried out again in her sleep this time louder and more urgent. Each second he waited her cries grew louder until they were loud shrieks vibrating in his ears.

He yanked open the door and looked out in the hallway no one was in sight. He walked down the halls desperately searching for some one who could help him but found no-one. Where was every one? He let out a frustrated sigh and started back quickly.

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