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I'm sorry, the last chapter I had written on the bus back from Frankfurt, on Friday but I forgot about it and ended up uploading it on Sunday, big oops on my part. Now if I can just find my glasses....


Two Months Later

“Nessa, I said don't move!" I scowled at my mother and crossed my arms. “I'm not moving, I'm just trying to hold Malin correctly." I said tickling Malin underneath the chin. She giggled spitting little bubbles out and waved her hands about.

“Oww! That hurts Mom, you're pulling my hair too tight." I protested trying to not cry in pain. She huffed from behind me and finally finished the last braid. “Happy?" she asked me sarcastically. I nodded and smiled cheekily at her.

“Now go get dressed or you'll be late for your lessons." she said taking Malin from me and hurrying me to the bathroom. I sighed knowing I couldn't stall any more. Since I hadn't been able to go back to school after SHIELD disbanded I'd been taking my lessons her.

My tutor was nice enough but I got lonely with out Nate here. I know, I know he's a king. But why can't I just go see him on the weekend. I slipped a green dress over my head and fixed it into place before coming out of the bathroom.

“Nessa go change." I jumped and whirled around to see my father. “What's wrong with my dress?" I cried looking down at it. “Its to revealing." He said picking up Malin from the bed. I frowned at him and opened my mouth to protest but mom came to my rescue.

“Loki quit pestering her, it's fine." she says kissing him on the lips. I cringed and slipped on my sandles. “Can you guys go do that in your own room. This is my room." I said slipping on a gold bracelet that went up to my fore arm.

It was a magical bracelet that shimmered when ever Nate was close. He had one but it was ring. He gave it to me before he left to go back to Titan. I didn't take it off unless I was asleep or taking a bath.

“Your going to be late." My dad reminded me. I nodded and grabbed my magic book from my dresser before fast walking out of the room. Once I was down the hall I teleported the rest of the way to the library where my tutor held our lessons.

I wasn't supposed to use too much of my powers since I tended to get exhausted easily. It was a side effect of my fight with Thanos. I still wasn't over it and avoided the topic whenever asked. Killing Thanos only solved a few of my problems, I still had terrifying night mares and only Loki could calm me down enough to go back to sleep.

But I was making progress I hadn't had a nightmare in a week... that was progress right?


“Alright today Nessa we are going to work on control." My tutor Ms. Hegel explained opening a large old book. I nodded and closed my eyes. “Alright what makes you feel like you are loosing control?" she asked.

I opened my eyes and looked at her with reluctance. She nodded to me urging me on and I sighed. “Alright... I feel like I'm loosing control when I'm angry... or when someone I love is in trouble." I admitted.

She nodded and clasped her hands in deep thought. She did this a lot when she was thinking hard. “I want you to think about the moment that you first saw Thanos after you woke up. How did you feel?" she asked me.

I fought back the feeling of dread and pushed my fear away. “ I couldn't believe that he was even alive. I thought that after my sister was born and I had sacrificed myself I had finally killed him. I thought that he wouldn't bother me any more. I really only weakened him." I mumbled.

She nodded and thought for a minute. “Let's walk to the pavilion." She said standing up from her chair. I nodded in confusion and stood up.

We walked into the outdoor pavilion and she flicked her wrists in my direction. My outfit changed and I was now wearing a pair of leather trousers, and a set of armour like Sif's. Mine was just black the way I liked it.

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