Ch.52 Longest Chapter ever!

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Get ready for this chapter, there is a ton of surprises in it and I hope you like it. I know I've been absent and I'm trying to get chapters done and out to you guys. We are out of our house and we fly out next week. So hopefully before everything gets crazy again I will be a le to get you guys a couple of chapters.

Thanks for your patience, and kind words of encouragement. :)


“Are you going to tell me what's going on with Nessa or am I gonna have to break someone's neck?" Nate barked at Loki. Loki cut him a venomous glare before getting up from the chair he had been sitting in and walking away.

Nate let out an irritated groan before taking Nessa's small hand and squeezing it lightly. He closed his eyes and tried to clear his mind. It wouldn't help if he was stressed out, he just needed to stay calm.

Hey... brother we might have a small problem." Tasman's voice interrupted his calming technique. Nate let go of Nessa' s hand before pinching his nose in agitation. “What?" He responded back as he got up and stalked out of the room.

“I think, I found one of our... father's children." Tasman said making Nate stop in his tracks. What the hell? “Tasman I am not in the mood for your games have you-"

“Yes I verified.... that she was his child and yes she is. She looks a lot like you." Tasman cut him off. Nate looked to the ceiling before shaking his head and making his way to the stables. “Jesus... how old is she?" Nate asked not really liking the situation.

“She's nine, I remember her mother... she was a regular in Thanos' bedroom." Tasman informed him. Nate blinked and he was changed into his royal garments instead of his normal everyday clothing.

He rounded the path, jumped over the gated fence and into the stall where his horse was currently chewing on some hay. “Come on girl, we need to go home." Nate said saddling her up quickly. She rolled her eyes at him and he hopped on her.

“Don't sass me." He mumbled before closing his eyes and willing himself to be on Titan. He opened his eyes and he found himself at the gates with a pair of very startled guards. “Your majesty, it is nice to see you." The guard on the right recovered quickly.

Nate nodded and urged his horse in. He left her with a stable hand and jogged to his throne room. The guards opened the door promptly and he stalked in.

Inside Tasman paced anxiously and looked up in relief when he saw Nate enter. But seeing the irritation in Nate's eyes quickly made his relief drain away. “Sorry..." He whispered once Nate stopped in front of him.

Nate looked at him expectantly and looked behind Tasman to see nobody. “Where is the girl?" He demanded. Tasman closed his eyes before answering. “I had Cecilia clean her up... she was pretty beat up." He mumbled before yawning.

Nate felt bad leaving Tasman to deal with the daily mess that running Titan was. “Go get some sleep. I'll deal with it from here." Nate said putting his hand on his brother's shoulder. “No... I want to see your reaction. When you meet her." Tasman said looking a bit grim.

Nate frowned but started to walk. “She's got the room next to mine." Tasman directed him. They walked up the stairs and through the long hallways before finally getting to the room.

Nate knocked twice before entering the room and zeroing in straight in the young girl with dark hair sitting at the vanity. She jumped hearing the door close and hid in Cecelia's lap.

Cecelia looking and gave him a disapproving look. Sorry. He mouthed to her. He could only see her long curly black hair that looked as if it had been just washed. She definitely had his skin tone but that was all he could see.

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