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Hey guys I just had the overwhelming urge to update. And man I went crazy. I just know I probably won't have a lot of time between practices and more practices so I just wanted to be able to get to a good point before I get busy. Which I am not at so don't worry.

Thank you again Mae_the force (I hope I got that right) for commenting and being so encouraging. :)

We appeared in a golden building with a man in bulky armour standing at the helm of it like it was a spaceship. He turns to us slowly and stares straight through us and at Death. “Death you know only I am supposed to authorize space travel." He says. His voice is very deep and mesmerizing.

“Heimdal you know I don't follow the rules" she says moving around us and too the entrance. Heimdal sighs and returns back to his post. When we get to the outside a magnificent bridge with moving colors stands before us. There are also two horses waiting patiently. Death climbs up on a midnight black one and takes off down the bridge leaving us to our own devices.

Nate silently puts me on the horse and climbs up behind me before the horse takes off after Death. We rode in silence until I can hardly take it. “So... are you okay?" I ask quietly. I know I'm now treading on thin ice.

Nate is silent before he finally speaks up. “Nessa how would you handle being told that your father is a murderous Titan hell bent on killing you?" he snaps. I frown and tighten my hand into a fist. “I don't know Nate, but at least you know that your birth mother loves you! That she didn't just drop you so that someone else could love you because she didn't have the time!" I snap back.

“Both our father's are fucked up so we can already get that out of the way but at least you know who your mother is and at least you know she cares and wants to spend time with you!" He doesn't say anything back after my outburst and we don't talk for the rest of the ride.  Once we stop at the gate I hop off and rush past the guards and Nate' s mom.

I run smack into Thor as he comes out of a set of huge oak doors. He catches me in surprise. I burst into tears. I wipe my tears hastily as fast as they come but I can't stop crying. Thor sees this and walks with me to a secluded alcove. He rubs my back as I hiccup and try to catch my breath before I'm ready to leave.

Thor takes me back to the large oak doors and two guards open them. Inside a huge golden hall bathed in Amber light nearly blinds me. I squint my already puffy eyes and keep my head as we walk a few more steps. Thor kneels and I copy him in a more wobbly fashion. He rises after a few seconds and I still keep my head down as I do the same.

“Look up my dear." I hear a man say. His voice is very authoritative and I instantly look up. I see an older gentlemen that at the same looks powerful and kind at the same time. His eyes soften and he gets up from his large throne.

I look and see a regal looking woman in purple robes move to me at the same time. She looks kind so I allow her to come closer. As she hugs me I melt and wrap my arms around her. She pulls back and cups my face looking over every inch of me. “You look some much like your mother." She whispers just as the large oak doors open.

Frigga let's go of me and goes to greet the person who rushed in, a woman. But when I see her face my heart stops and I'm looking at an exact replica of me. Just older and with hazel eyes. She steps forward carefully and I panic like when I saw Nate for the first time a couple of days ago.

I look to my right and lock eyes with Nate. They don't hold anger in them anymore but just sadness. I shake my head and the inner turmoil takes over, I disappear again. This time I find myself in a small garden with a bench. I look around before I sit down and close my eyes.

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