Ch.50 part 1.

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The picture in the media is Machete cause I really love Machete. He's really funny and a kind person. #Daily dose of Machete.

“Malkin, Malin!" I heard my father yell from down the hall. I turned and saw the two of them tangling themselves into his legs. I giggled at their mischief and continue my walk to the library. I'd just gotten back from Earth this morning.

When I told my dad that I was getting married he was excited but very protective. The SHEILD/Hydra situation hadn't been resolved yet. I on the other hand wasn't too happy with the mess he had gotten himself into.

He almost died! Now he was traveling the country with Lisa, and Alina. I'm pretty sure Alina wasn't all to happy about that but she tried her best not to complain.

“Ne Ne!" I looked behind me and saw Malin crawling after me like a little speedy Gonzalez. I stopped and squatted down so she could catch up.

“You're crawling now Malin!" I exclaimed as I swooped her up into my arms and swung her around. She giggled and gave me a gummy grin. I looked closer at her mouth and saw a little.tooth peaking through.

“And you've got itty bitty teeth." I marveled. She pulled on my hair and I grimaced. “But you're still pulling hair... nice." I started walking down the hall making a detour to my parent's bedroom. The library could wait till tomorrow.

I held Malin in one hand and opened up the door with the other. From previous experience I've learned to make my presence know or I may be subject to my parents.... well participating in the unspeakable.

“Come in you doufuss." I heard my father yell from inside the room. “Hey!" I exclaimed. Malin giggled and kicked her legs at the sight of my father. He was like her favourite person as of right now.

He held out his arms and I tossed her to him. My mother nearly had a heart attack while Malin let out a shrill of laughter.

“Loki don't encourage her!" She yelled at Dad and slapped his shoulder. He nudged her off and tossed Malin up into the air. She giggled and threw her head back when she landed in his arms.

I laughed along with them until I noticed my arm bangle shimmering. “Uh gotta go." I said Before rushing out of the room. I heard a slap and an ow from my father before the door closed behind me.

I didn't care though. Nate was here and my day always magically gets better when he is. I instinctively made my way to the front gates and got there just in time for a group of men on horses to ride through.

Really big men. It was a whole horde of them, I could tell there were about three different kingdoms in all.

“Quite intimidating isn't it?" I turned saw an older woman dressed in deep red robes standing next to me. I nodded and slowly. “I wonder who organized all of this. The person must be very organised." I whispered.

“Thank you." The woman said with a bright smile. My mouth dropped a little before I gathered my senses. “I'm Nessa." I say holding out my hand. She takes it very gently and shakes very slowly. “Oh I have heard lots of great things about you, your highness." She said with a soft voice.

I blushed in embarrassment and she chuckled knowingly. “Nessa!" A new voice called and we both looked up to see Nate striding towards us. I smiled at him and his face broke out into a larger grin.

Once he got close enough he reached down and pulled me into a hug. That surprisingly was not bone crushing. “I missed you, love." He mumbled setting me back on the ground.

I giggled at him, “Its only been two weeks." I teased. He rolled his eyes before leaning down to kiss my cheek. I frowned and he looked behind me. Turning I saw my parents, Thor, and my grandparents standing there. Everyone but Dad was smiling.

I glared and stuck my tounge out at him to the delight of the woman beside us. “Don't be so hard on him dear, he's just doing what father's do." She said before walking away.

“Who is that?" I whispered to Nate. “That is Merida, a kind witch. She organized this whole thing." He said taking my hand.

“What is this whole thing?" I asked him looking around at all the other people dismounting horses.

“Well most people are here for the huge tournament held every couple of years. It's like the Olympics. And a majority are actually going to be staying here until our wedding." I stopped and peered up at him.

“That's in like four weeks." I reminded him. He nodded and sighed in exhaustion. I grinned at him trying to stay awake on his feet. I jumped and poked him in the cheek.

“Stay awake for five minutes then you can crash in my room." I whisper to him. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and leaned his head on mine. “Or I could just fall asleep on my feet. I'm quite comfortable." He mumbles already closing his eyes.

I huff in frustration and he chuckles. “I'm just messing with you." He says kissing my cheek lovingly. I grin as we move closer to my family.

Mom immediately embraces him in a bear hug. She's just as tall as me but easily more commanding. “Nate you need to come by more. You're looking a tad bit skinny." She says looking him over with a shake of her head.

“Death will not be happy, so be prepared to eat." She warns him before Malin starts to fuss. My mother true to bounce her but Malin just gets fussier and Mom has to take her away. “Dad, please stop tearing my fiancee apart with your eyes." I hiss directly at him.

He cocks his head at me and sighs. “No." He says before leaving to catch up to mom. I throw my hands up in frustration and groan.

“Stubborn goat." I call after him. He waves me off still walking and beside me Thor chuckles heartily. “Nessa, you are right Loki is stubborn but he'll come around. I think he just can't handle having two girls just like him." Thor whispers to me before giving me a hug.

I giggle as a he pulls away and turn to my grandparents. “Loki will come around." My grandmother offers with a knowing smile. Grandfather nods will a special tinkle in his eye. “I believe Loki has met his match." He jokes. I grin knowing all the trouble I can cause in just two seconds. 

A snore though, brings me out of my thoughts and I look to see Nate leaning against the column passed out on his feet. I sigh, knowing he's exhausted.

“Wake up Cuddly Bear." I sing while jumping up and down so I can reach his face. “Noooo...." He moans rubbing his face.

I roll my eyes and touch his arm so that I can teleport us to my room. He's awake in an instant and stumbling around. “And I thought I would have to undress you myself." I mumble as he becomes aware of his surroundings.

Out of the corner of my eyes I see a flash and when I turn Nate is changed out of his armour and into sweatpants with no shirt.

He collapses onto my bed with a grunt and immediately passes out. I giggle and climb into bed and pull my sheets over us. It's mid day but I don't care.

It's always a good time to cuddle with cuddly bear.

I feel like this is one of my better filler chapters. I really tried to stick with it all night. It's currently one a.m and I am now just finishing. I've been packing a few items away and finishing a few errands. I don't know if I can update tomorrow since people are coming to move some items back to the states. I have to also take my brother to camp in the morning so I don't know how that will work out.

I'm really trying to get a few chapters in hear and there but moving is taking up a majority of my time and I'm exhausted. So again thank you for the support and kind words. I will try my best to get you guys good chapters in a timely matter.


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