Ch. 32

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I leave Thor and walk aimlessly not really paying attention to wear I'm going. I find myself following the sound of metal striking metal. The corridor opens up into a huge out door pavilion. Where every kind of warrior of all different sizes are fighting with swords, axes and a few daggers.

I spot a shirt less Nate fighting with a sword. His opponent is almost twice the size if him but he matches each of the man's parries and strikes with equal ferocity. I walk around the outer edge and find a bench to sit on. There are a few girls sitting there two and they recognize me and smile respectfully.

I turn awkwardly and watch Nate finish his set. He flips the man's sword away and out of reach to make the man surrender. The guy nods and laughs heartily. They say a couple words and then shake hands before parting.

I stand up as Nate walks over to me and cock and eyebrow at him. “Where'd your shirt go?" I ask dodging a sweaty hug. He laughs in defeat and goes to grab it before picking me up by the waist. “Let me go you smell!" I squeal as he pulls me out of the pavilion.

“I smell like a champion!" he yells setting me down on the ground. He slips his shirt back on before grabbing my hand. “You need to go take a shower or a bath. And then we'll go eat dinner." I say holding my nose with my thumb and index finger.



Later that night I decide for some strange reason to sleep in my room. I pass out from the exhaustion of my day as soon as my head hits the soft down pillow.

The events that transpire next will forever haunt my nightmares.

I'm standing in a field with Nate and he has a grin on his face like always. But something feels different. The wind blows his long unkempt hair, but I feel no breeze. I frown and step away from him. As I look over his face I notice what is not my Nate but someone else.

What sticks out the most are his eyes. They aren't the steely grey that I'm used to, but magenta purple. I turn and start to run. My scenery changes to a barren rocky land with an orange like sunset in the back ground. When I turn back around instead I see the infamous Titan himself.

He stands watching idly as I try to run away but my limbs are like jelly and I feel like I'm moving through the thickest honey you could ever imagine. You cannot escape me Nessa.

His hauntingly smooth voice makes me stop and my body turns on its own to face him. All my will power is gone its like I can't even control my own body. I can hardly bite back the scream that threatens to rip its way out of my throat when Thanos picks me up by my neck.

Help! I screamed in my mind trying to broadcast to anyone on the outside who would listen. Thanos sees this and chuckles. Nice try little one, but no one not even my son will be able to help you. I have full control of you now.

I beat helplessly at his bulky fist that in cases my fragile neck. You see it took awhile to find you and that son of mine but I finally did. But of course you had to go and kill my fateful servant. You know him, The Other.

In time I will find another. I do not know what you planned to succeed in doing little one, but I will sadly have to dispose of you now. I couldn't get The Other to do it, but I so suppose if you send a monkey to do a Titan's work than you will receive no results. It truly is a pity you would have made a good wife for my son and only heir to my vast Kingdom.

But in time like we all must do he will find a replacement for yo- His speech cut off abruptly by something only he could see. He turned back to me with an evil grin plastered on his face. It seems as if you father has raised the alarms. I will see you soon little one.

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