Daughter of Loki

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Third Person POV

Thunder rumbled in the distance as a figure ran through the streets on a mission. To any one out on the streets that night she was just a woman trying to get home before the storm caught her up.

After several minutes of running she finally made it to her destination, but she seemed hesitant to make her way to the door. Like she was contemplating the consequences, but a quick glance down to the small bundle in her arms gave her new found confidence.

She pushed the heavy iron gate open without a sound and silently slipped up the concrete steps and set the tiny bundle down.

Pulling down the soft blanket she gazed upon the sleeping infant sadly for the last time. The tiny baby had curly black hair, and light carmel skin like her mother's.

The most surprising feature she had was her eyes. When they were open they were a mix of vibrant green and light brown swirled together.

"My sweet child.." She began, but the infant woke upon hearing her mother's voice. The little girl stared up at her mother's face with a mix of curiosity and confusion, as if she knew something was wrong but didn't know what.

"I must leave you, I have seen the impending future and I need to know you are safe." She whispered softly as she stroked her soft curls.

She placed her hands gently on the sides of the little girl's head and began to whisper ancient words. The baby looked on in amusement as light swirled around her in light wisps.

When the light died down the woman tucked the blankets securely around the girl and bent down to kiss her head.

She placed a heart shaped necklace in between the folds of the blanket as she made sure the baby was warm.

As she stood up the little baby whimpered in distress at the sight of her mother leaving. The woman bent down once more to soothe her child. "Hush now sweet girl." She whispered.

She stood up abruptly and forced herself to step back from the baby and down the steps. When she stood behind the closed gate she looked back once more with unshed tears in her eyes.

"Goodbye my love..." was all but a whisper and she disappeared into the night.


Nick Fury sat up with a start, from the sudden clap of thunder. He sat back with a loud sigh and looked out the window.

For a second he saw a shadow cross over his line of sight but shrugged it off as movement from the trees.

Throwing back the sheets he got up and slowly made his way downstairs and to the kitchen to make coffee. Once he woke up he couldn't go back to sleep.

As he waited for the coffee to brew he heard a small sound come from the front of his house. Instantly he became alert and slid his hand into the drawer. Next to the potato peeler, and Apple slicer was a 9 mm already loaded.

You can never be to cautious... He grabbed it and crept to the door. Upon inspection there was no one at the door. He turned and shook his head, his nerves were getting to him again. But he heard a small whimper and threw the door open with the gun ready.

He was met with the chilly night air and the sound of rain drumming against the side walks. But not a soul was outside, much less at his front door.

His one eye searched the night for any sign of a threat but a sharp cry brought his attention down to the ground.

His intense gaze was matched by another in a stare down. He kneeled down never once taking his eyes off the baby's. They stayed like that for a minute stuck in a staring match, but a clap of thunder brought them out of their daze.

He slid his arms underneath the infants small body carefully, and picked her up to bring her into the house. He stood up and sent a sparing glance at his surroundings before he stepped back inside and closed the door.

He made sure he held the baby out at an arms length at all times while she checked out the change of scenery.

He set her down on the love seat couch and kept his one eye on the child while he felt for his phone on the side table. Without loosing sight of her he walked to the corner of the room and pressed the only number on his speed dial.

"Hill. We have a problem I need you to come over here pronto."

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