Ch. 29

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This is for you Mae_the force! Thanks for the sweet comment. :)

I also realised a mistake that I made with Pepper and Tony's baby. Her name is Mila not Mina for some reason it just mixed me up with the name I'm using for my other book Winter's Night. (Shameless advertisement.) :)


I woke up in a dark room with only a dim light bulb lighting two feet of space. I sat up quickly and bit back a groan as my head pounded. I felt for my phone in my pocket and sighed in relief when I felt its cool metal against my hand. I went to pull it out when I caught some movement to my left.

“I wouldn't do that." a woman's voice warned. I couldn't see her face but I knew exactly who it was. Death. Loki' s warning was still fresh in my mind as I curled up into a ball and tried to contact him through my link.

But each time I failed and my frustration grew. It was like throwing a ball but coming up short every time by only a few seconds. “Don't bother to try I've blocked your mind for awhile but for now we need to talk." She said with a bored tone and turned around to face me.

I regarded her quietly as she sat down on a small stool that I hadn't noticed. For a minute we sat staring at each other before she sighed and reached behind her. I watched apprehensively as she reached behind her and brought out a pack of Oreo's?

She held out the pack and being the sugar addict I couldn't help but take a few. We sat in silence for a few minutes until she finally spoke, “Do you love my son?" she asked setting the Oreos to the side after she took a few.

I frowned and looked at her expectantly. “Who is your son?" I asked her looking at her like she had popped a couple of screws loose. She snorted, something I probably will never see a immortal being ever do again. “I think you of all people know who my son is."

It couldn't have bean Cory or anyone of my friends because we had just..... My eyes snapped to her swirling orbs and she smirked knowingly. “Yes my dear, Nate is my child, my son." She admitted making me sit back even more.

“And before you jump to conclusions and have a brain aneurysm. Nate does not know who I am. For his safety and yours I had to hide him away on Midguard, or Earth as you call it."

I was growing more and more confused. “Our safety. I'm not really following what you mean." How could I understand? I'm in an unknown place and this very deadly being is telling me all these things.

“What I mean is, fate has chosen the two of you. Your lives have been written in the stars since the beginning of time. Something no one will be able to change." her words had an underlying ferocity in it that made me curl myself tighter.

“You won't be able to understand this in time but everything happens for a reason and you are very important." She reached out and touched my hand, and surprisingly I let her.

“Nathan is the offspring of the most dangerous Titans to ever roam the galaxies. Thanos." She dead panned. The name sent jitters right through my heart. I felt fear grab my heart, fear that made me want to cry and struggle.

Death watched me before she hesitantly reached forward and hugged my body gently. I melted into her embrace and sniffled from the motherly gesture.

“I know this is hard to understand but I know you can do it." She leaned back a th I wiped my face hastily. “You know I spoke to your mother not long after you were born. Just after she sent you to Midguard. She wanted you to know the true reason you were sent to Midguard." I bit my tongue at the mention of my mother.

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