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I'm so sorry, I really did not anticipate that I wouldn't have WiFi when I got to this hotel. Something is wrong with it and it's so frustrating. So until further notice I will just be writing and when I get to a library or something, I'll upload everything in one big chunk.

You most likely won't be seeing this until then. I have  to go my cat just got stuck in the tub and she can't get out... fml.

I woke up early the next morning to my world swaying. I opened my eyes slowly and looked up to see myself in the arms of Fenrir. He looked down at me sadly just as a car honked from my far right.

My eyes welled up with tears. I didn't even get to say good bye...

I hid my face in his shoulder and Fenrir sighed, “I'm sorry bug, he just didn't want to wake you." He mumbled. I shook my head still face first into his shoulder. The babies kicked and squirmed most likely sensing my frustration and sadness with their father.

I breathed slowly in and out trying to calm myself but it was almost impossible. Why didn't he just tell me before hand. We would have been able to work this out, and figure out a solution. I needed Nate, it wasn't like a physical thing it was more like how the longest time we had ever been separated was when my dad sent me to live with Tony.

“We're here... do you want to walk from here?" Fenrir asked. I nodded and he set me down carefully. As I we walked in I realized that we were in New York, and at Stark Towers.

“Hey booger." I looked up and saw Tony and Pepper. Pepper smiled and I was starting to feel better. She held out her arms and I hurried into them. She was both a friend and a second mother to me.

“You look good Nessa." She whispered. I nodded not really saying anything and sighed as I pulled back. “What I don't get a hug?" Tony piped up. I smiled for the first time today and turned to Tony. He held his arms open and pulled me in for a bear hug.

“Jeez how come you didn't tell me you were pregnant when I last saw you?" He asked giving me a fake stern look. I smiled and shook my head, “I couldn't, well I didn't want to tell anyone until after I got married because of my mother. She's very crazy sometimes." I explained.

He nodded. “I met her, she can hold her liquor well though." He added. I yawned and Fenrir spoke up. “I think you should get some sleep Bug." He suggested. I nodded and he wrapped his arm around me.


“I promise you, everything will be okay. It's only a little bit." He said pulling the blankets around me. I nodded not saying a word and he stood up. But I reached out and grabbed his arm. “Please stay, I don't want to be alone." I pleaded with him.

He nodded and I scooted over. He pulled me into his chest and I closed my eyes. His warm body radiated comfort and I began to relax. I nodded off about a couple minutes later to Fenrir stroking my hair.


“Sissy... Sissy!" I heard high pitched screaming. I jerked awake and saw Malin standing at the door with only a diaper on. When she saw that I was awake she ran across the floor and jumped up onto the bed.

She climbed across Fenrir who was sleeping and sat between us. “What?" I asked feeling groggy. “No bath." She mumbled trying to get underneath my blankets. I sat up as she wiggled under the bed sheet and crawled under Fenrir's shirt.

“Malin!" I heard a yell from the hallway. Nari ran past my door and I looked back down at Malin. She popped her head up from Fenrir's shirt and made a shushing sound. Fenrir looked confused as hell.

I would too if my younger sister was burrowed into my shirt in the early morning hours. He sighed and laid back down. “Fenny is Nana go way?" She whispered. I got up out of the bed and peeked out.

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