Chapter 25

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Kay so I guess this is going to include some weird unmentionables. So if you don't like that stuff don't read and wait till the next chapter... which should be updated either Monday or Tuesday. I don't know, cause I have practise tomorrow, and I'm not feeling so great right now.

P.S. They're 15 and 16 so I guess it's alright. I probably won't go far.

It turns out sleeping on the floor isn't as fun, or comfortable. So I packed up my stuff and headed to Nate's room.

I knocked softly because he probably was asleep, but when I opened the door I was surprised to see the lights on and him sitting cross legged in bed with his laptop.

Did I mention he was just wearing a pair of shorts?

No shirt... just tanned shirt less.... skin. Get a hold of yourself you perv! My inner self snapped at me. I shook my head and looked up to see him smirking teasingly at me.

“Don't even say anything..." I warned him as I closed the door and made my way across the room. I sat on the edge of the bed and crossed one of my legs under the other.

I kind of stared at my legs now not knowing what to say. I hated these moment when it's just awkward silence.

“Fury says that I can come over to California when my three weeks are up." Nate says as he puts his laptop to the side and stands up.

I'm surprised when he steps in front of me and picks me up effortlessly. He sits back down with me in his lap and places the laptop now in my lap.

I slowly relax into his chest and he goes back to typing up some paper on Word.

I drift off but this time I actually have a dream.


I see through the eyes of someone else but I can't move or speak. It's like I'm just there just to relive what ever is happening.

I see that it's late in the night and I'm laying in what looks like a cradle. The only reason I'm awake is because of the soft light casting shadows across the elegant room.

A woman comes into my focus thirty seconds later and picks me up for a second before placing me back down on a thick blanket.

She swaddles me slowly and carefully while I look at her features.

She had almond skin like my own but it seemed to glow in the light. Even though her lips were pursed in concentration they showed a hint of pink lip stick on them like it never fully got wiped off.

My eyes caught hers for a second and I marvelled in how pretty they were. They were mocha brown with light hazel flecks scattered around the edges.

Just looking in them mesmerized me with how much power they had.

Suddenly they dart to her left as she freezes for a moment. Then she quickly gathers me up in her arms and pulls the blanket close on my chin.

I turn my head to the side for a split second and see a bed. I gasp inwardly when I see Loki fast asleep laying on it with a pillow on his head.

The woman hesitates for a second before turning stiffly and hurrying out into the hall. I whimper softly as the temperature is drastically different from the inside of the room, but the woman shushes me softly.

I snuggle closely to her and fall asleep as she hurries to small building off to the side of the large house.

I wake a little later and find myself rocking with her on a horse. My whole vision changes drastically and its like I'm looking over the woman's shoulder.

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