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Nessa's POV

“Hmm... that tickles." I giggled when Ryan place his hands on my tummy. I couldn't see what he was doing though. When I laid down flat I only could see my belly. “How far along are you?" Ryan asked. I did the calculations and estimated for a second. “About thirty-four weeks in your time line." I told him.

He nodded and started to move Baby A to the side. She kicked trying to scoot away and caught me in my bladder. I cringed when Baby B started to push away from her. “Jesus calm down." I yelled. They halted their movements and I relaxed.

“Well... you have quite a pair in there." Ryan mumbled as he tried to catch Baby B. I hissed when the baby kicked back. Ryan pushed in a little and after some resistance she flipped to the side. Now lined up right next to her sister.

“Yes! Magic hands." He exclaimed. I laughed as the babies kicked at each other trying to get used to the new change in space. “Now you might feel Baby B who was transverse, kick more. Since she is now in a different position." He said helping me sit up.

I nodded and pulled my shirt down. I looked over at Fenrir and Nari, they wore equal faces of horror. “That was the weirdest thing I've ever experienced." Nari mumbled. Fenrir shook his head, “I've seen weirder." He topped looking a bit dazed.

I shook my head and Ryan laughed. “You're actually almost full term... In one week actually it would be around the time that you are expected to go into labor. Since you are carrying two." Ryan said writing something down.

I frowned, “Next week?" I asked feeling a bit worried. “Don't worry babies come on their own, so it could be in two weeks or tomorrow. They're running the show. " He said calming my fears. I nodded and rubbed my belly.

One of the babies kicked me and I frowned. Don't come out any time soon, cause your daddy wants to be here. I thought.



I laid in bed later that night still awake. I'm pretty sure the babies were sleeping, they hadn't moved in a couple of minutes. I was thinking about Nate, and what he was doing. I could only feel our connection since I was on Earth and he was on Titan.

I missed him so bad, and it was killing me to be apart from him. When ever I was around Nate my day began to light up and everything bad began to disappear. 

I heard a knock on my door and I looked up. The door opened and I saw Malin standing there. “Sissy, can I stay." She asked sleepily as she walked to my bed. She rubbed her eyes and laid her head on my bed.

“Bad dream?" I asked her as I sat up. She nodded and crawled up onto the bed. I pulled her into my arms and she laid her head down.

Soon she fell asleep after a few minutes, but I continued to watch her sleep peacefully. She clutched the hand that had my wedding ring on it. I smiled and moved my hand slightly to the left so I could see it better.

Than it began to softly glow.

I pulled my hand up and it started to get brighter. What the he- “I'm glad it still works."

I shot up like lightning in bed clutching Malin. She sighed in her sleep as I looked up at the source of the voice. “Nate?" I whispered in confusion. He nodded holding up his hands and moved around the bed. I laid Malin down softly and she turned over to hug my pillow.

When I was sure she was asleep I got up and led Nate out into the hall. I made sure no one else was out before I turned to him, expectantly. “Why are you here?" I asked folding my arms.

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