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This is it! The picture is a rough a rough view of what I want her dress to look like. I'm slightly irritated though, the model is frowning... well I can't get everything right.

Nessa's POV

I was freaking out! Today was the day I would marry Nate, the one person who I could never stop loving ever. He was the reason that I felt like getting up in the morning. Him and the baby, who was getting bigger at any chance it could get.

I stood in front of the full length mirror sideways, looking at myself. I was definitely starting to show... I was so glad I decided to get a dress that was loose around the waist. It would conceal my growing baby for now.

“Nessa are you up ye-" My head shot up and Alina stood at the door wide eyed, staring at me. Shit... I smiled weakly and she closed my door. “Lina, you can't say anything... I really don't want a lot of people knowing right now." I whispred as I grabbed a robe and put it on.

She nodded slowly like she was in a daze. “I'm going to be an aunt...." she mumbled. I smiled and sat down on my bed. “In four or five months." I told her. She frowned, “Wait your four months pregnant already?"

I shook my head. “No, Asgardian babies are born a lot faster. So I only need six months. So I'm technically two months. It's been a pain in my ass running around the castle trying to hide my pregnancy. And the morning sickness isn't making it any easier." I said poking her in the thigh.

“Luckily we choose to get married on Titan. Or my mother would have definitely noticed me throwing up every morning." I joked. Alina laughed and took my hand. “Well let's get you ready to marry Mr. Giant." She said standing up.


I sat in my chair watching the absolute chaos unraveling in front of me. I held Malin in my arms and Mila stood holding my left hand with her thumb in her mouth. They were already dressed and ready but everyone else including me hadn't put on our dresses.

My mother was barking orders at people so I was sitting in the corner away from her mother of the bridezilla rampage. I shook my head and placed Malin down on the chair where I sat. “Stay, Mally." I said as I turned and walked a few feet to my mother.

“Mom, calm down... can you help me put on my dress." I asked her trying to distract her. She turned and looked at me sadly with tears in her eyes. “My baby is getting married!" She cried as she threw her arms around me.

I patted her back awkwardly. “Mom, Malin is a baby, I'm not." I teased, she sniffled and gave me a dirty look. “Now stop terrorizing my bridesmaids and help me put on my dress." I said pulling her away.


“Nessa, even in the short time that I've gotten to get to know you again, You've been the greatest daughter, sister, and friend to us all. I'm proud of you." My mother said tearing up again. I bit my lip and I pulled her into a tight hug.

“Now... let's get you in your dress. I'm sure we're running extremely late."

I nod going behind the curtain with my dress on a hanger. “Your father is waiting outside the room with your dad. He's getting anxious." My mother called from the other side. I rolled my eyes, of course dad would be antsy he hates waiting.

Both of my dad's would be walking me down the aisle. Both of my mom's would walk together, then Pepper with Tony, Natasha with Clint, Steve with Hill and Alina with Tasman. Bruce was feeling a bit shy so he wanted to sit this one out. Then Malin, Mila, and Gianna would be my flower girls.

Tasman and Alina had the rings so we wouldn't need a ring bearer. I put them together for a reason. Not just because Alina was my maid of honor and Tasman was Nate's best man. I sensed a budding romance between the two.

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