Ch. 39?

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Two Weeks Later

I sat at the table with one hand on my face and a cup of Orange juice in front of me. “Dear you need to eat, It will make you feel better." Lisa setting a plate of toast and bacon down in front of me. It's all I've been able to stomach for the past few days.

Alina groaned from the across me I grunted back in understanding. We had both caught the flu at the same time and we were stuck at home. It was important that we got better by Saturday though because that was the day of Lisa and Dad's wedding.

I'd now settled on calling Lisa mom, and Alina called Dad, dad. It works out fine and we had all become comfortable with each other. I think Alina and I too comfortable. We had rooms across the hall from each other and so we threw things back and forth between our rooms.

“Nessa do you're magic thing and pass me the...the salt." she mumbled. I flicked my wrist and slowly slid it across the table. I laid my head on the table and broke a piece of toast into my mouth. I chewed painfully slow so slow I fell asleep.


I snorted and jerked awake after a short dream about Nate. I missed him so bad, he had to go back to Titan after two days. But thankfully, I had about a week until I joined him for the summer. I finished the rest of my food miraculously and shuffled to the couch where I lay for the rest of the day.

When I woke up I found myself in my room tucked tightly underneath my comforter. I rolled over and came face to face with a person dressed in all black.

I lt out a scream and scrambled to the farthest part of my bed. The person turned and lunged at me. They grabbed my arms and gripped them so hard I'm pretty sure there would be bruises in an hour.

I kicked them as hard as I could in the gut and they let go reluctantly. I flew back on the bed and struggled to stand up, but with the mixture of Tylenol in my system and the flu incapacitating my body my head swam and I ended up back on the ground.

The person took advantage of my weakness and grabbed me around the waist. I started to struggle again but then I felt the cold metal of a gun shoved into my belly. My breath stopped short and I froze.

I heard footsteps down the hallway making their way to me and I knew it was my dad. I screamed to alert him not caring for my safety. All I knew is that I couldn't let him get hurt.

I turned and pushed with all my might away from the person. In the process I yanked their mask off and I was surprised to see none other than... Jacob. His handsome face morphed from one of equal shock to anger.

He raised the gun and before I could move shot me twice in the stomach. I crumpled to the floor just as my door banged open and Jacob jumped out of the window. I clutched my stomach and held out one arm to steady myself against the floor.

The pain was so intense I felt myself gasping for air but nothing came into my lungs. “Nessa! Don't do is to me! Open your eyes baby!" I heard my dad yell in desperation. He caught me just as my arm gave out and cradled me in his lap.

“Call 911!" he yelled behind him. Tears swam in my vision as I could feel myself rapidly deteriorating. “Dad....You...still gotta get...married for me...this Saturday. Promise?" I sputtered weakly. I could feel my blood spilling out in between my fingers. It was like a warm sticky river of blood that wouldn't stop flowing.

“Nessa, please stay awake... I can't loose you." He mumbled clutching my body tightly.  I shook my head slowly. “T-tell Nate... that... him." I focused on his eyes and kept telling myself to stay awake, but I was so... sleepy.

I shut my eyes just as the sound of sirens stopped outside. The last thing I heard was the clattering of footsteps before darkness consumed me.


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