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"Ness wake up..." I was shaken awake gently and I would have lashed out violently if I had not known that it wasn't Nate. Something about his touch all ways calmed me.

"Why..." I moaned stretching out under the soft blankets. I groaned and wrapped myself tightly in the cocoon of warmth. "Hmm... well for starters you'll miss dinner and I don't think you want that." He reminds me in a teasing voice.

Instantly I'm up and out of bed but he grabs me and stops me. "First you need to get dressed, you've been asleep half the day..." He says pushing my hair back from its curly mess. I groan, "Why can't I jut go down in this?" I gesture to the sweat pants and AC/DC jersey that I showed up in.

He chuckled and spun me around. "Because dinner is semi formal, love." He whispers into my ear. "And if you're up to it and only if you are up to it you can meet my head advisers after dinner." He says kissing my cheek. I lean into his hold and am, for the moment at peace but a knock at the door interrupts us.

Nate turns and opens it leaving me now cold. "Hello Cecelia, how are you?" he says kindly. I turn and see a short older woman with fading wild red hair. She beams at him, "I am doing wonderful my king." her eyes flicker to me and her smile seems to grow wider.

"Is this her?" she says hurrying over to me. I'm surprised when she gathers me up in a hug. I see Nate grimace but my injuries don't hurt. Cecilia is like a very soft cushy dough biscuit. I smile at Nate and he relaxes.

"I'm going to find Tasman, I'll be back in an hour." He says before closing the door. His warmth leaves the room but Cecilia gets started. "Alright it would be best for you to go soak in the bath while I prepare. Then I will come in and wash your hair." she says gently pushing me towards the bathroom.

After I'm done I call her in and she washes my hair so well it shines and isn't even a bit frizzy. I'm surprised cause I'm never able to get it to look this good. "Alright my dear." she says after rinsing it one more time.

I get up and she quickly wraps a towel around my body. I'm glad she doesn't see my scars but when I get out of the tub a sharp pain reverberates from the source of my discomfort. I stop and sigh deeply trying to make the pain go away.

"What is the matter, are you hurt?" she asks quickly. I shake my head just as Nate barges into my mind. What's the matter Nessa? Do I need to come to you? he asks quickly.

No... I'm fine I just stretched wrong. Then I moved the towel a bit to reveal the scars that were now red and inflamed. "Oh dear... you've been injured."

She takes me to the chair and has me sit down. While she is hurrying around I grab a pair of under wear and a strap less bra to put on. Now I just sit with the towel around my shoulders catching the water that drips from my hair since I'm no longer naked.

"This will make you feel better." she says coming over to me with a salve in her hand. It's vanilla scented and when she wipes it against my tender skin it is warm to the touch.

There is a small tingling on my tummy where she wipes it and instantly start to feel better. "Thank you." I smile gratefully and she nods.

After she washed her hands she tackles the task of doing my hair which is actually pretty easy with her. I look in the mirror and see it braided around my head and the rest of my curls are let down in the back. She puts a golden head band in it and then nods in approval.

She goes to the wardrobe and pulls out a soft looking green dress. I slip into it and she does all the ties that go behind and around me.

The fabric is light like the Muslim blanket that I sleep on at home. But it will keep me warm. My shoulders are bare since the straps start lazily at my arms.

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