Ch.11 The one were Loki escapes

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Nessa's POV

I woke up in the morning drenched in sweat and burning like fire. My muscles felt like the Hulk had given me an Indian Burn with his bare hands.

As I became more and more conscious I felt a shiver go through my body. I was not in my room. I was laid on my stomach and hooked up to all of these wires in the sick bay.

I decided that I didn't really care and laid my head down and went to sleep.




Awhile later I woke up again this time I wasn't alone in my room. There were a couple doctors in the room and one of them was messing with something behind me. I turned my head in the opposite direction and all the doctors gasped in shock.

What was going on? In my line of vision now I saw Thor. He stared at me intensely, but wasn't actually looking at me. It was like he saw right through me.

When I finally grunted he looked up at me in shock. But then a large explosion shook the ship and I heard a roar.

Before I could say anything Nate ran into the room with fear evident on his face. Thor nodded to him and took off in a rush out of the room.

Nate ran to my bed, climbed onto it and grabbed me. I stifled a groan and burried my head into his neck. I felt something cold around my arm and then a loud click.

I looked up confused and saw a handcuff around one of my wrists and one around Nate's. He stuffed the key into his pocket and looked back at me with his eyebrows furrowed.

“Loki wants to take you. I'm not going to let that happen." He said authoritatively. Normally I would protest him and his protectiveness but I just laid there too exhausted to do anything.

Outside of the room I heard gunfire and yells of pain but none of it got to close to my room. Suddenly it all stopped and the door slid open. I felt Nate stiffen under me and I tried to lift my head, but he put his hand over my head so that I couldn't move it.

I heard the tap of boots on the ground slowly making their way to us sitting there. I whimpered in pain, the mark now pulsated furiously as the loud footsteps got closer.

I was breathing heavily trying desperately to catch my breath but the pain was too much, and black dots started to swim across my vision.

“Get away from us!" Nate snarled in fury. He grabbed me tighter and moved back a little. “Now, now boy. I don't think you have a say in the matter. I came here to take back what was once mine and now I will have it back." a cold voice spat sending unwelcome pain down my spine.

I cried out unable to ignore the pain anymore and was now openly sobbing. The shoulder of Nate's shirt was quickly becoming wet with my salty tears.

Suddenly I became mind and darkness clouded around my eyes. I welcomed it eager to feel relief from the pain.




Nessa' s dreams (it's kind of nobodies pov)

A raven haired man paced nervously in a golden throne room. From where he was he couldn't hear his wife's cries of pain but he could feel it through their small link.

From atop the throne the King Odin watched his youngest son fondly remembering the worry he felt when his wife Frigga had been in labor.

Loki continued to pace around the room and occasionally whisper some words under his breath until the grand door to the room was pulled open by the guards.

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