Ch.12 (i think?)

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Hey guys I haven't updated on Loki' s Daughter in a hot minute, but I'll resume my normal schedule with this one, and Rise of the Phoenix. I've been busy lately and really really sick, so I'm trying to catch up on work.




I woke up in someone's lap, my head was buried in their soft shoulder. I moved my head the slightest bit but my body screamed in pain so I just stopped moving all together.

I knew that Nathan was no longer holding me because the hand cuffs weren't on my hands anymore. I felt a hand on my head slowly stroking it, and it was quite calming.

I sighed softly and leaned into the person's touch slowly going back to sleep.


Loki's POV

I held my daughter at last safely in my arms, and she would not be leaving be leaving them anytime soon.

She sighed softly in her sleep and leaned in closer to my body. I held her tightly hoping that she didn't wake up.

It tore me apart when I walked into the healing room and she was crying in pain. From my presence. I rid her quickly of that infuriating boy once she passed out. I put a sleeping spell on him, even though it wouldn't be beneath me to kill him.

My dear Nessa would never forgive me for it. I frowned rubbing her back when she whimpered in her sleep. Circe must have put some kind of protection spell on her as a baby to try and keep me away from her.

I had finally just recently located the child when I had attempted to kill that big oaf Thor when he came to Midgard the first time.

He had seen her when he first came to Midgard. She wasn't but eight years old then. She ran in front of the Destroyer and stood in front of it.

I knew instantly that it was her, my lost child standing ever so fiercely in front of the Destroyer. Her pale green washed out eyes had seemingly stared into my soul even though I knew she couldn't really see me.

I felt her grab my shirt and ball it into her fists. I chuckled for probably the first time in years but my laugh was cut short when I felt a sensation pushing at the door in my mind.

I stared down puzzled as she unconsciously tried to read my mind in her sleep. I relaxed my mind and sent a few of my memories into her mind.

I closed my eyes and relived the time when she was just a new born, and still in my life. When Circe hadn't forcefully ripped her from my life. Circe was selfish to do that and I'll never forgive  her.

I'll never forgive her for taking Nessa away from me. I missed her first words, steps, every personal milestone in her early life.

“Sir we'll be landing in a few minutes." one my brain washed workers told me. I nodded and gathered Nessa up in my arms.

Her head lolled back against my bicep and she stretched in her sleep. I smiled at her and waited for the ship to land.

I walked off the plane and waited for it took take off again before I started to walk towards the tree line.

Behind the tree line was a small two story cabin. I walked up and knocked lightly on the door. A brain washed servant of mine opened up the door and gestured for me to come in.

The servants name was Amelia. I didn't really bother to learn her last name I didn't have much time for that.

Amelia was a very stocky light skinned woman with very knowing eyes. The woman was very surprising at times and was kind to me even if I didn't order her to be.

“Right this way sir." She guided me through the house up the stairs and into the room set up for Nessa.

In the middle of the room was a queen sized bed with several pillows a pale blue down comforter and a white fuzzy throw blanket.

Amelia pulled back the covers and I laid Nessa down onto the bed. Amelia replaced the covers over Nessa and quickly left the room.

I sat down on the side of the bed and watched Nessa sleep peacefully. Finally I took a deep breath and waved my hands over Nessa.

It took some work and perseverance but I removed the protection spell from her body. I lifted the covers and moved her shirt a little bit and sure enough the circular marks of a protection spell were gone.

I moved her shirt and blankets back into place before I left the room quietly. I left the door cracked a little bit and went down stairs to plan.

I know it's a short chapter but I wanted to show how Loki interacted with his daughter. I'll update soon and it will be longer I triple pinky swear. On my secret stash of mini Reese's Pieces cups.

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