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I woke up the next morning feeling pretty crappy. My eyes were dry like they always are when I've finished crying. Today I felt like just staying in bed and moping around, but I had to get up and meet with my grandfather to try and figure out what to do with the bot from last night.

I put on a grey dress that pooled at my feet like water. The dress itself had straps that criss crossed on my back and tied at my neck. I brushed my hair out and left it down in its curls over my left shoulder.

By then Nate was ready to go. He knocked on my door and I opened it feeling a bit nervous for his reaction. “Hey are you ready to...." He started to say. I smiled seeing his mouth drop. “You're going to give me a heart attack Ness." He mumbled while leaning in for a kiss.

I giggled feeling my mood go up a little. His warm lips brushed against mine briefly before he pulled back. “Come on, everyone is waiting." He said softly. I nodded and grabbed a shawl before closing my door.

“Promise me you won't beat him up again." I begged Nate. I heard him sigh before he looked down at me. “I won't beat him up, but if he sets me off I will kill him." He promised with a spark in his eyes.

“Fine..." I mumbled feeling tired already. I think the both of us were just worn out. Nate had been traveling back and forth between Titan and Asgard in order to see me every other day. And the whole Elder Witch thing hadn't helped the situation at all.

I'd read up on them last night when I was supposed to be sleeping. Most were revered and honoured amongst their peers. But every other millennium, dark creatures would come crawling out the wood work, attracted to the power that radiated off the particular Elder Witch.

To say that I was scared was an understatement. In a few days time I would have to appear under the Witches counsel. It was a good thing Odin and my parents would be there. I was nervous about what they would think of me. These witches had been living since... actually I didn't really know how long they had been living.

Nate squeezed my hand and I blinked noticing that we had arrived at the throne room. The guards opened the doors and we walked in. I steeled my nerves and made my way to my grandfather and Thor.

I bowed but Thor gathered me up in a hug before I could stand up completely. “Hello little Nessa. I am so proud of you." He bellowed. I gasped feeling the air getting crushed out of my lungs.

“Thor... let her go." Odin told him. I was released and I coughed trying hard not to choke. Odin smiled at me and turned to go sit on his throne. I stood beside Thor and Nate as we waited for the boy from last night.

“What is his name?" I whispered to Thor. “His name is Staton. He is accompanying his father from one of the three kingdoms. They are here for the tournament." He informed me. I nodded taking in the information, but it still doesn't changed the fact that he insulted my sister.

The doors opened and Nate stiffened. I swear to God Nathan if you move you won't be sleeping in my room tonight. I threatened. He took my hand and squeezed it. I would never. He whispered back into my mind.

I focused my attention on Staton and a man who accompanied him along with the guards. I realized that the man was his father, though they looked little alike. I looked up at Nate and he had his usual business look on his face.

He winked at me and I smiled the smallest bit. I turned my very distracted attention back to the men who were bowing.

“Speak." Odin boomed. His voice echoed around the large throne room... so cool.

“Your majesty, I am sincerely sorry for my son's behaviour last night. This should not have happened." He apologized looking at both I and Odin.

Nate squeezed my hand tightly and I looked up to see him shooting daggers at Staton who had hid head bowed in shame. I saw that he had a split lip, and a few bruises on his face.

“You should be apologizing to my granddaughter, not me. You are very lucky she spared his life or her fiancee King Nathan would have killed him on the spot." Odin said making Staton' s head pop up.

“What is it?" Odin asked noticing his movement. “Your highness, I did not know that the princess was betrothed." He said shaking his head fiercely.

“How could you not? I do not wish to sound conceited, but I am the Princess of Asgard. Ask any one and they will agree that it is common knowledge." I said speaking up for the first time.

All the men in the room looked at me, but I did not feel intimidated. “Furthermore, I refused you twice, you should have left me alone. You insulted my infant sister and thought you could get away with it. Right now not knowing whether or not I am engaged would be the least of your problems." I spoke feeling my anger flare a little.

Calm down... your eyes. Nate whispered into my mind. I blinked and took a deep breath. Better.

“Guards please take him out of the room while we come to a desicion." Odin ordered. I dropped my head once the doors closed and closed my eyes to think.

“Wow... remind me to not make you too angry." Nate whispered.

“I think we should bar him from ever coming back to Asgard." I suggested. Not wanting to harsh of a punishment. I had a deep hate right now, but not enough to kill him.

“Yes, and I think I will speak with the king of his kingdom of origin and have him loose the ability to ever obtain a position of power. That type of behavior will not be tolerated anywhere." Odin concluded.

I nodded in agreement and Nate reluctantly nodded. Odin nodded to the guards and let them back into the Throne room. “We have come to the conclusion that....." I drowned him out and a buzz replaced his voice.

I cringed not liking the headache that was beginning to form from the sound. I blinked and looked to see that Staton and his father were gone and instead Nate was kneeling down looking at me with concern.

I could see his lips moving but no sound reached my ears. All I could hear was the droning buzzing. Then my eyes rolled to the back of my head and I blacked out...

Nate's POV

During the proceedings Nate already knowing how it would play out looked over at Nessa. He frowned seeing her head bent forward and her body was stiff.

What the hell was going on with her? I knew I couldn't draw attention to her, so I tried squeezing her hand but got no response. I also tried to communicate with her through our link but got nothing, absolutely nothing.

Once the bastard and his father were escorted our of the doors. I immediately dropped down in front of Nessa and shook her shoulders. “Nessa?! Can you hear me?" He asked frantically. Her head bobbed up suddenly.

When he saw her eyes he knew something was wrong. They were cloudy and barely focused. She sent me a fleeting look of fright before her eyes rolled back and she passed out.

I caught her in my arms and looked up to see both Thor and the All-Father staring in shock. Odin was the first to break his stupor and he started to shout orders. “She has started her ascension early! Get her to the healer' s ward now Nathan!" He yelled.

I jumped up and took of with Nessa in my arms. The doors were already open and I turned left vaguely remembering the way. I could hear shouting behind me as I passed people in the halls.

“Nate what happened?" I looked up and saw a frightened Circe looking down at Nessa in my arms. I shook my head. “I don't know she just blanked out during proceedings." I told her as I entered the healing ward.

The nurses were all ready for me and they swiftly took Nessa out of my arms. All I could do was stand and watch helplessly while Nessa was worked on by the healers.

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