Part 16

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Sorry Guys that I've been missing for awhile now. Seriously a girl can't get into one fight at school.... Anyways that's not important, but I'm still mad though. Onto the new chapter!!!

(Nessa's POV)

Oh. My. God. Nate is kissing me right now, and I was loving it. My whole body felt alive with heat, but not from Nate. 

But all good things must come to an end. 

Nate pulled away from me, both of us gasping for air and very confused. "Nessa.. I'm sorry I didn't mean to ambush you like that... I just... when he took you.." 

I cut him off, by placing my hand over his mouth. "Its fine...I've liked you for a while now, but the real question is, You can fly now?" I asked successfully steering the conversation away from me.

"Uh yeah... I kinda had a melt-down after Loki took you. Like in literally speaking, I burst into flames and nearly burned down the Helli carrier." he said, getting a dark look in his eyes.

They seemed to start smouldering like lit coals, it was kinda intimidating. I looked him over and he must of have been wearing a special suit, because he obviously wasn't naked.

The fabric was like the body suit that Tony wore under neath his armour. When I felt it, it was really stretchy but also thick so it had some protection.

"I like it." I whispered.

An Explosion outside brought our attentions to the mess outside. 

"What are we going to do?" Nate asked me folding his arms, as he surveyed the damage.

"There is only really one thing to do." I said intentionally leading him on. I backed up from the window and had already dived out of it before he noticed what I meant. 

I shifted my body so I was diving down in the perfect dive, that in better circumstance would have earned me a perfect ten from imaginary diving judges.

I was about ten seconds from pancaking on the ground when I heard a whoosh and was grabbed from behind.

I laughed as sped up into the air, the wind whipping through my hair. I could feel the heat radiating off of his body, but it wasn't even hurting me.




"Are you crazy? What if I hadn't caught you?" he asked me looking at me like i had just lost my marbles.

"I know you would have caught me. But more important things we need to help the people who are injured. I saw that the police had set up some kind of blockade up ahead but that won't keep them from coming."

As I spoke I focused on an oncoming group of Chitauri and imagining them all going up in flames. Glorious green flames. 

Within fifty meters of us they exploded, and a green fire ball consumed the rest. Like Greek Fire. (which is actually real by the way.) 

When the smoke cleared all that was left of them was just rubble and Alien guts.

"Remind me to not get you angry..." Nate said staring dumbfounded at the huge mess. 

"We should go before we attract the attention of more aliens, or worse the Avengers." 

Nate nodded silently and wrapped his arms around my waist lifting me up effortlessly. "I could get used to this." I said as he lit up on flames. I think I saw a hint of a fiery smirk there. 




"There!" I yelled over the sound of air whipping past us. Nate nodded and went down but a group of Chitauri spotted us before we could land. 

"I'll take care of them you go." He yelled dropping me from a few feet up. I hit the ground with a roll and stood up quickly to dodge a shot from one of the chitauri. 

I made a choking motion with my hand towards the lone alien and broke its neck easily. 

I turn around to help the trapped family and who do you know Jacee Williams is in need of my help. Oh what I would give to have a camera right now.

I rolled my eyes at her sobbing form and motioned for them to get up. "Okay there's a bunch of police about a block up ahead, if you cant make it to them go down into the subway systems, and whatever-" I didn't get to finish my sentence because Nate dropped down and interrupted me.

I looked at him in an annoyed way before he extinguished his flames. "Sorry." he said joining me. 

"Its fine... uh just don't get caught above ground. These things will kill you without hesitation." I said turning away and blasting a couple Chitauri headed in the direction of the police blockade. 

"There you have about a three minute window before these Bastards try again."

Without waiting for them to say anything else I nodded to Nate and we took off again to help other people.

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