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Hey guys Howzit? I'm doing great cause I only have three chapters to write left for my essay! Thank you guys for voting every time I update, and you guys do it so quickly! :) So now I'm sitting with my cat and writing this next chapter for you guys.

This chapter is dedicated to my Dad! I miss you everyday, and love you from the heart of my bottom. Can't wait to see you again!

As soon as we got to SHIELD helicarrier (courtesy of a jet) I ran to my dad's office. I needed to see him just to make sure he was okay.

When I got to the door of his office I took a deep breath and opened the door silently. Of course dad the super spy heard me and turned around. When he saw it was just me he waved me into the office.

I didn't talk right away since he was on the phone so I sat down in his chair behind his desk and twirled around while I waited. Dad gave me a look but continued on with his conversation.

I turned in the chair and stared out the window that over looked the flight line. There were several different mechanics out there working on planes and directing some of the planes that would take off. It was a busy day today.

“Alright... okay. Just see that it gets done." My ears perk up hearing the last bits of dad's conversation. He hangs up as I spin around again to face him. He sighs and sets his phone down on the glass desk.

“How was your day at school?" he asks in a tired voice. I groan and think of my day trying to summarize it up.

“Bad." I say bonking my head on the soft backing of the chair. He hums in agreement motions for me to get up. I mumble a couple words and we switch places, but at the last second he scoops me up in his arms.

I giggled loudly as he flops down in the chair with me. Just like old times, I thought as I snuggled into him. “So how was New Mexico?" I ask in a fake cheery voice.

He grunts, before answering making me laugh again. “Fantastic, the desert is just marvelous this time of year." He said in a mock posh accent. We laughed together and for once in this crappy day things started to look up.

That is until he looked at my cheek. “What happened to your face?" he questioned going into protective papa mode. I roll my eyes and feel the small cut along my cheek.

“I got hit in the face with a dodge ball." I reply batting his hands away so he couldn't touch my still sore cheek.

“Okay, Okay" he says holding his hands back in surrender. I sit back against his chest and close my eyes relaxing.

When he scoots closer to the desk and opens his laptop I only open one eye. I close it again and soon enough I fall asleep.

I only wake up when Hill comes in. She gives me a smile and I wave groggily back. “Nessa I think Dr. Banner should be arriving right about now." She says giving me a knowing smile.

I'm alert instantly. I am possibly the biggest fan of Dr. Banner! I've studied pretty much all of his work and tried and failed with some of his experiments.

I shoot out of dad's chair like a rocket and quickly kiss his cheek and hug Hill then I'm running out the door.

Nobody's POV

A tall girl with curly brown hair darts in and out of the many agents milling about in the small hallways. Already used to this they step to the side and smile after her.

But one agent The Flight Master knows her all too well and stops her at the door leading out to the flight line.

“Please Joe Bear!" She says pulling her signature pouty face. Joe chuckles and looks away knowing he won't be able to resist her charms and let's her through. But not before yelling after her. “You have five minutes then you need to come back inside."

Her already long gone figure is weaving in and out of people but she still heard him.

She stops and expertly observes her surroundings, nothing getting past her searching eyes. When she spots who she's looking for she shrieks and takes off running for two men standing with there backs to her. Totally unsuspecting.

Halfway to her destination a red head stops her and smiles at her. She laughs and hugs her. “Where have you been Natasha?" Nessa asks.

Natasha chuckles, “Oh Russia, Calcutta." She says nonchalantly. Nessa giggles and looks back at the two men standing there talking.

“C'mon! We have to meet Dr. Banner now." She says tugging Natasha along. By the time they reach the two men Nessa and Natasha are a ball giggles, startling the men.

A man with blond hair looks weirdly at the duo and glances at the Dr., who intern shrugs his shoulders.

The younger girl sobers up first and looks up shyly at her idol. He smiles and sticks out his hand for him to shake. Her face lights up and she grabs his hand eagerly.

“I can't believe I'm actually getting to meet you!" She squeals. Dr. Banner gives her a friendly smile. “I've read almost every paper you've written, well those that dad will let me read. But you're so coo-" she gushes, but then she's cut off by someone calling her name.

“Nessa! C'mon we have to go...." A tall boy Nessa' s age trails off looking behind her to see the Dr. standing there. “We have... uh.. home work to finish." He says quickly making up an excuse.

Recognition registers on her face and she nods her head quickly. “I have to go now." She says suspiciously.

Before Natasha can say anything though she grabs the boy's hand and they disappear together. “Wow." Dr. Banner says looking at Steve.

Okay the last part was crappy but I have to hurry if I want to upload and finish my essay. Tootles and Live Long and Prosper.

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