Ch.6 What's with Bullies?

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Hey a quick author's note. I really loved writing this chapter. Probably my favourite so far. I have a really big issue with bullies. I just wanted to say that if you see some one in trouble and they can't get out of that situation you should step in. Because you can't always rely on adults to help out when they are needed.

If you guys ever need anyone to talk to please just message me and we'll talk. :) You never know that person could be having a really bad day so be the good part of their day.

~ Lee

Nessa's POV (11yrs.)

"Bye Natasha!" I called while I got out and grabbed my school bag from the car. I heard her say goodbye and I closed the door.

Natasha had driven me to school today while on her way to her temp job. She was posing as a worker for some guy named Tony Stark. I don't really know much about him since dad refuses to tell me anything about what he does at work.

And why didn't dad drive me to school today you ask? Well he had something important to do, and I really didn't want to have to car pool with another perky intern.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when some jerk bumped into my shoulder pretty hard. I turned around and glared at the guy while he smirked and walked away.

Rolling my eyes I made a beckoning motion with my finger and his shoe laces tied together. He kept walking and didn't notice so I turned around and kept walking.

A couple seconds later I smirked when I heard a curse and a loud thump. Yes I know not supposed to be using your powers in school but hey it's not like I tried to burn his hair off.

After grabbing my stuff from my locker I rushed to my first period class barely making it on time. I slid into my desk and ducked my head after receiving a warning look from my math teacher Mr. Krebs.

"Alright class open up your books to page 72 and we'll be taking notes from it." He said turning to the smart board to write something on it. I groaned and opened up my note book to start writing down the notes for the lesson.

I only really half listened and just copied down the stuff that was on the board. I thought back to a couple years ago when I had last seen Thor. After that Fiasco I had to cut back on helping out at SHIELD.

I can't say I was too upset, that robot had scared me pants less. For a couple months I found myself having strange nightmares that featured Thor, the Robot and this strange man with ebony hair and bright green eyes.

It was bad enough that I often slept in my dad' s bed. I remembered back to the time when I was a toddler and I would climb into his bed on weekend mornings and roll around in his bed like a weirdo. He would laugh and tickle me until I stopped.

I remembered one time I rolled to far and ended up falling off the side of the bed. I managed to Tt get wedged against the side of the mattress and the sheets. Dad described me as a little burrito.

"Miss Fury what is the answer to this question?" Mr. Krebs asked smirking as he pointed to the problem. "465." I answered without missing a beat. He dropped his smirk and nodded.

I dropped my head and went back to my notes. When the bell rang I grabbed my stuff and high tailed out of there to my next class.

Everything went fine for the remainder of my classes... that is until lunch time. I sat at a table with a couple of my friends, and we were talking about homework assignments. But I turned my head ever so slightly and saw the jerk that bumped me standing menacingly in front if one of the shy kids.

She was pleading with him to leave her alone and the whole scene was beginning to draw a crowd. I looked around and saw none of our lunch monitors doing their jobs. I rolled my eyes and walked to the edge of the crowd.

"Dude she said leave her alone." I said making everyone go quiet. All eyes fell on me including the girl who looked very surprised. The jerks back was still to me and he hadn't said a word. The girl began to scoot out of the way but his arm shot out and held her in place.

I saw her wince and that made me see red. "Get your hands off of her." I hissed. "And what if I don't?" he taunted turning around to finally face me.

"You'll have to deal with me." I said crossing my arms I made eye contact with the girl and nodded to my left where my friends were. She shot out of her seat and scurried over to where they were.

The jerk saw that he was losing control of the situation so he stomped up to where I stood. "You don't want to mess with me little girl." He growled in my face making me lean back because his breath was kicking.

"And why wouldn't I?" I asked obviously testing the waters. He held up his hand and a flame appeared. Whoa.... I did not expect that... He grinned at my expression but looked surprised when I started to laugh.

"Well I guess that levels out the playing field." Then I disappeared. I reappeared behind him and tapped his shoulder making him jump in surprise. He growled in anger and turned around.

"You thought you were the only one with powers in this school?" I asked holding up my hand. My own flame appeared in my hand except this one was green. The crowd gasped and started to back away.

Seeing that he had lost full control he threw the first punch with his hands flamed up. I dodged easily and slid underneath his out stretched arm. I twisted and nailed him right in the back while I stood up. He whipped around and blindly punched at me but of course missing me.

I backed up extinguished my flame when I heard some teachers running towards us following my actions also he did the same. A little fight wasn't that important enough to expose our abilities.

He let out a battle cry and tackled me to the ground knocking the air out of my lungs. I sneezed and grabbed his head and switched our position. I landed a punch at his nose and his mouth before he grabbed me and kneed me in the stomach.

He landed on top of me again and kneeled on my stomach anchoring me to the ground. I snarled in anger and punched him in the side of the head several times until he got off of me. I was about to land another punch but a strong pair of arms grabbed me and yanked me back.

I screamed and tried ripping my arms from whoever had grabbed me but the held a firm grip on me. I huffed and watched a teacher do the same for the jerk.

I calmed down and glared at him while he did the same, but I smirked when I saw that he had a split lip and bloody nose. But my smirk dropped when the principal marched in and started to yell at everyone.

The crowd of kids dispersed pretty quickly and that left us sitting in the middle of the cafeteria. He glared at the both of us sitting there. "In my office. Now." He roared while he stalked out of the room.

I rolled my eyes but I stood up and followed him out of the room.

And that's how I ended up sitting here in a chair next to the jerk outside of his office. I waited for Agent Sitwell to pick me up since dad was still doing that important thing.

I slouched in the chair holding an ice pack to my face while I glared at the jerk (who's name that I learned was Nathan Seaders) who kept flicking his flames on his fingers.

"Will you stop that?" I snapped slamming the ice pack down onto the table beside me. "What are you gonna do if I don't cry to your mommy?" he teased reviling in the fact that he was pissing me off.

"I don't have a mom." I mumbled sitting back in the chair. Before he could say anything else to me Sitwell walked in. He gave me a patronising look as he signed me out on the schools computer. "He started it." I said getting up and grabbing my back pack.

"Yeah well your dad is not going to be happy." he said crossing his arms. He looked at Nathan who still sat in the plastic chair. "Fury wants you too." he said ignoring my look of utter shock. "We already know that you stay at the orphanage in downtown LA. All the paper work is done so you can come with us." Sitwell continued still ignoring me.

I scowled and stomped out of the office and out to the waiting car. When I slid in and slammed the door shut I saw Agent Rumlov one of the high level agents.

He nodded to me and I nodded still pretty pissed off.

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