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So you guys most likely will not see this for a little while. We flew in last night, and that... was stressful. Newark Airport is a nightmare, honestly I don't ever want to fly out of there again. The system there is so bad. Why do we have to go through security again if we already did before we boarded our first flight? I honestly prefer over seas airports just because they are more spread out and way more organized.

But one good thing came out of that “experience," I got to see the Brooklyn bridge and the One World trade center. I think I saw the empire state building, I'm not that familiar with New York... so yeah.

Nessa's POV

I walked beside Tasman slowly trying to keep up with him. “All I'm saying is you should take a day. Nessa, you're exhausted, and the two of you should spend some time together. Alone. Before you have the babies." He said.

I shook my head, no we cannot take one day off and go down to Midguard. Especially not right now, the annual ball of Kings was coming up and for some freaking reason it had to be on Titan this year.

I was in charge of planning most of the important things, and a planner would finalise the rest of the less trivial things. It was stressing me out.

Tasman stopped and blocked me from continuing to walk. And I couldn't push him out of the way, because he was a freaking Titan... and I was so tiny.

“Nessa, think about it. A day to relax, I know that doesn't sound appealing since you're a workaholic as the Midguardians like to say but you need it. Sleep deprivation isn't going to help you when you have my nieces." He says giving me a pointed look.

I groaned in exasperation before nodding. “Fine, I'll talk to Nate. Now out of my way I have a very heavy baby sitting on my bladder." I agree before hurrying off. I really needed to pee.

Baby B, we haven't really figured out any names yet was currently resting on my bladder. Her sister laid above taking over the space in my rib cage this was meant for my lungs. The twins were going to out grow their tiny space pretty soon.

I closed the door to our bed room and rushed into the bathroom. Thinking back to what Tasman said I knew he was right. Nate and I had just gotten married and we should be spending more time together but there was the Kingdom.

It's not going to run itself.

I finished up and rushed off to meet with the planner. I had to go over the details for dinner and what was left of the guest list. Then I would find Nate and talk to him about taking a day off.

In my haste I bumped into someone and had to grab onto them in order to not fall flat on my face. “Jesus Ness, you almost ran me down!" I looked up and saw Fenrir grinning down at me. I rolled my eyes before hugging him.

“Where have you been, I missed you." I mumbled as I tried to hug him. But my belly wasn't helping the situation. Fenrir snorted before just planting a kiss on my cheek.

“Actually I was back on Earth and I brought someone with me to meet you." He said turning around. My curiosity grew and I tried to peek around his shoulder. But he wouldn't move. “Move fatty!" I growled at him.

He looked down at me with a smirk. I huffed at him and poked his belly. I didn't even do anything to it. Solid muscle like every guy here. I never know how they keep such a figure with how much they ate.

I darted around his back and saw a tall guy with long light brown hair reaching to his ears. He wore a grey v-neck and dark wash jeans. “Jesus why is everyone literally taller than me?" I groaned. Fenrir scoffed behind me and I turned and shot him a dirty look.

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