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Ohhh how I worry, about nothing really... I can't really think right now. In my drama class I got in a fight (verbal) because he called a good friend of mine a very mean and derogatory name. That is my official statement. Long story short my teacher threatened us with detention if we didn't shut our faces and sit down. I still highly despise him though... I spent the rest of my class period pretending that I was a mutant and acting like I could destroy him.

Jesus I have issues....

Once again I woke up in my bed but this time I wasn't nearly as exhausted. I pushed back the covers and went to the bathroom that I had spotted yesterday on my way to the kitchen.

I took a quick shower, and put on some new clothes I found a tank top, and grey sweat pants. When I went downstairs no one was in the kitchen so I just made myself some coffee.

After dumping a bunch of creamer and sugar into the cup I finally settled down on the stool at the island.

“That can not be healthy." I heard a voice say from behind me. “Have you been watching me this whole time?" I asked him kinda creeper out.

“No." He replied while he slid into the seat next to me. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye as I sipped my coffee again.

I grimaced at the still bitter concoction and slid it across the table to him. “Do you want to try?" I asked him gesturing to my coffee.

He looked apprehensive but let out a loud sigh. Loki picked up the mug and sipped it. “This is.... good." He commented sipping some more, and again more.

Soon my whole mug was gone and he was looking apologetically at me. “Sorry I have drank all of your drink." He said playing with the mug of my drink.

“That's fine..." I said laughing. “There's way more coffee in the pot." I slid off the stool and grabbed another mug for myself.



“Are you still going to take over the world?" I ask Loki randomly. He looked surprised at my question but was very reluctant to answer.

“Yes. It is my destiny to rule Midgard and if I have to take it by force I will." He said sounding like a robot repeating some speech prepared for him.

“You don't seriously think I'll believe that load of scrap your telling me?" I grumbled sarcastically. He glared at me ruefully, and I stared back blankly.

“You will use no such language young lady." He says raising his voice a little bit. I sat there unmoving from my previous state.

“Why are you doing this? It's not like we did anything to you." I question him frantically, it was my duty to stop him from destroying the only world I've ever known.

“Don't do this, Thor will take you back to Asgard and I'll never see you again!" I say angrily. I just met the guy. He was being a selfish prick!

“Do not question my motives Nessa!" he growls staring me down with his green eyes. “No!" I scream refusing to back down. “You're being selfish and its not fair for me or anyone else!" I shout getting up from my stool angrily.

I turn on my heels and make my way to go back up stairs but a cold hand catches mine in a vice like grip. Loki spins me around and leans down to look me in the face.

“You will not ever speak to me like that! I am still your father, and you are still my daughter. You cannot stop the invasion Nessa. It has already begun." He said menacingly and then my surroundings started to fade away.

I saw a Amber flash and then we appeared in a totally different place. I looked around and saw what looked like a bachelor's pad, and from my experience I knew exactly where we were.

Stark Towers.

Okay I'm soooosooosooo sorry that I haven't updated in a while on this story and this is a super short chapter but I've been really busy and my family is currently driving me nuts! It's just been really busy and The holidays have literally once again snuck up on me again! Like seriously everything automatically gets so busy the day after Halloween!

I have Softball practices on Sunday and I might try out for catcher. I don't know how I will do since two years ago fell off of a bouncy castle (babysitting) and now I have a hair line fracture running down my foot.

It should have healed up by now but I got off my crutches to early and it never really got the proper chance to heal. (Big mistake on my part.) Now I'm majority paying for it, but thankfully I can still play softball.

As long as I don't spontaneously trip and reinjure myself again I should be fine but, that'd unlikely since I can literally trip over air.

Chow for now!


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