Ch. 27

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I ignored Mazzilin and sat down in the chair beside him quietly. The teacher talked for a little before releasing us and letting us work individually. I opened up my laptop and started working on the report that we were assigned.

“Hey do you have a boyfriend?" I heard Mazzilin ask me. I sighed in annoyance and stopped typing. “Is that really any of your business?"

He shrugged and looked at me hopefully. I turned back to my work without answering him. A few minutes later a message from Nate popped up in my in box. I miss you, your dad is being an evil monster with training. The message read.

I smiled and started to type back when I got a video call from him. I rolled my eyes and turned my volume on mute before accepting. “What?" I asked lazily with my telepathy. He grinned widely just from seeing my face.

I sat back in my chair and pulled the computer into my lap so a certain set of prying eyes couldn't bother me.

Nate was sitting up in bed and he had an ice pack on his shoulder. “What did my dad do to you?" I asked him. He shrugged his shoulders and started to say something. I grabbed my head phones and plugged them in.

“We started some type of circuit training just for a warm up and then they started to test my limits with my fire." He said leaning back with a grimace.

“You're a big baby." I said writing down some notes for my report. A quick glance to the clock to me that I only had four minutes till the bell rang so I shoved some papers into my binder and looked back at Nate.

The bell is about to ring I have to go. I see you later." I waved good bye and end the call. I was just slipping my computer into its protective case when Mazzilin started to badger me with questions again.

“Is that him? I recognize him from the Tv... wait are you that telepathic-whoa!" I had him pinned against the table with his face pressed hard into the table. The few students in the room stared silently at me.

“Don't ask about what happened in New York, because I won't tell you." I seethe. I let go of him harshly and go grab my stuff before storming out of the room. I stomp to my next class and sit down in the back.

A few more people look at me curiously but thankfully don't say anything to me. By the time lunch starts the whole school is buzzing about me and people won't stop staring and pointing. I've had about enough it so I go outside and sit on a bench overlooking the valley.

Everything is peaceful and quiet out here and I get sucked into the peace.

I don't even notice the person walking up behind me until he sits on the bench. I turn and see Mazzilin. I immediately groan and start to get up and leave.

“Dude sit down I'm not my stupid twin brother Mazzilin. I'm Cory." He quickly says looking at me easily. I narrow my eyes at him, and notice the difference. Of course the different clothes and bright hazel eyes.

I relax and sit back where I was. “Your brother's and ass." I croak. He laughs heartily and punches my bad shoulder lightly. I flinch and grab it with a hiss of pain.

“Oh crap! I'm so sorry!" he apologizes quickly. I nod and roll my bad shoulder a little. “Yeah he is a jerk, but I think Karma served him well with the bruise you gave him on his face." He jokes glancing at me nervously.

“Yeah.." I agree softly. “You should try out for the football team. You know when ever your shoulder gets better. They've got other girls on the team." He suggests. I nod silently.

“I'm not looking to ask you out or anything. I just want to be friends. That is if you want!" he adds quickly. I giggle at his embarrassment and look at him. “Sure you can be my friend." I say laughing a little.

“Maybe boyfriend?" he pushes wiggling his eyebrows. I groan and look at him warily. “I promise if you don't like me 100% you can take me back. But no refunds." He pleaded.

I roll my eyes and nod. Just as I do the bell rings and we have to head back.



Apart from the staring the rest of my day goes normal and I'm smiling a little bit when I get back into the car with Boris.

He drives off and merges into traffic before speaking. “So how was your day?" he asks keeping his eyes on the road.

“It was great other than the staring and occasional questions. I only pinned one person to a table too." I reported cheerfully.

Boris shook his head and chuckled. “Well I'm glad to hear that. Ms. Potts has asked for you to baby sit Mina for this afternoon she's running a bit late with work." He says turning right on the freeway.

“Oh that's fine can we go the the board walk than?" I say planning to walk around with Mina. “Yeah that will be fine. I will have to accompany you though." He says stopping in front of a creme colored building.

“Oh that's fine." I say unbuckling my seat belt and getting out. I look around warily for any paparazzi but thankfully I don't see any. I follow Boris into the building and find my self in tax child care facility.

Except you don't smell baby. It's quiet and everything is nice and open. I spot Mina first sitting on a mat with tossled hair and wide awake unlike all the other babies. She looks up and claps her hands seeing me right off the bat.

I smile and go to pick her up. I gather up her blankets and put her in her car seat that I found in a locker with her name labeled on it.

When I go back to the front I see Boris standing there ready and looking uneasy at all of the sleeping babies. I give him a teasing smile and start out the door. But even before I see them I can hear the paparazzi waiting to snap my pic.

I groan and cover Mina well and tug my hat down. Boris goes out first and makes a path for me and Mina. He deftly grabs a man and throws him out of our way like a bulldozer. They yell questions at me and snap a never ending stream of pictures until I slam the door.

I strap Mina in and buckle my seat belt before nodding to Boris. “Actually I don't want to go the board walk. Maybe another day." I say shakily. Boris nods before turning onto the street.

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