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Things are going to start picking up more. So put on you safety goggles and helmets!

Oh also before I loose my mind here. Thank you Mae_the Force for the kind comment. I am getting a little better or so I hope... My family can't handle my sick form anymore. But I'm not out right hawking up my lung anymore so that good. :)

I early in the morning with a splitting head ache alone in my room and I knew that Thanos had been trying to get into my head all night. I threw my bed covers off feverishly and stumbled to the door.

I didn't bother to wake Nate, he would get up on his own in a few minutes. As I slowly made my way down the halls to my mother's bedroom I tried to bite back the waves of pain rolling through my body. Now that I was awake Thanos would be trying harder and pushing me to a breaking point.

There was only so much that the evil Titan could do from his miserable throne on his enslaved home planet. But the question was could he break me? I shook the thought away and sighed in relief when I finally made it to the hall my mother's room was in.

I knocked frantically and loudly before sliding to the ground in pain. I fought back the from the pressure of the Titan pushing into my subconscious. Tears streamed down my face as I knocked frantically again. I cried finally hearing footsteps coming to the door.

Boy was I surprised when I saw my shirt less father throw open the door and look down equally surprised at me. “Nessa?" he balked kneeling down quickly at my side. I burst into tears and held my head trying to kick the Titan out of my head.

The blood pounded in my ears and I could hear Thanos' evil laughter in my head. I knew I was losing this fight. I barely felt Loki gather me up in his arms and place me on the bed in the room. I squirmed using the last of my strength to push Thanos out.

I felt Loki's cold hands on my skull and an icy sensation rush down my spine. Immediately the Titan's influence disappeared from my body and I could relax. I passed out immediately into a dream less and almost peaceful rest.

When I awoke again I was back in my room again. It was dark outside and Loki was reading a book in the chair beside my bed again. He looked up sensing me to be awake and smiled softly. I could tell that something was wrong immediately and sat up.

“Is there something wrong?" I demanded. My voice was horse and raw from all the crying I had done. Loki rolled his eyes and closes his book before answering me. “You are always such a demanding child. Much like your mother." He added with a rueful smile.

When I didn't answer back Loki sighed, “This morning, Nate left with his mother, Circe, and a handful our royal guards." Loki looked out the window at the moon and clicked his tounge. “Correction yesterday morning." He added.

I was utterly confused. “Where did they go?" I started to push the gigantic quilt off of my legs but Loki stopped me and gave me a sharp look. “They went to Titan. To over throw Thanos." He finally explained. I froze and stopped breathing like I was in a trance.

Images of Nate dead again rushed into my mind and I was practically having a full blown heart attack.

A slap brought me back to reality, and I shrieked a little bit from the force. “I'm sorry but you scared me for a second there." Loki apologized not seeming apologetic at all. I availed at him.

“Nate is fine, and Thanos is dead. That boy has a temper of a bilge snipe." Loki said sitting back in his chair. I relaxed again now knowing that Nate was fine. That was all that mattered.

“Why do you always refer to him as that boy? It's like when Sleipnir calls him 'fat boy'." I scoffed. A smile graced Loki's face and a scowl marred mine.

Loki laughed before answering, “What else am I supposed to call the boy who wishes to claim my daughter's heart?"

I huffed and crossed my arms stubbornly.



Later when Loki had left I got up and wandered the halls for a bit until I found the throne room. The guards opened the door for me and I entered. I was surprised to see Loki and my mother speaking to Odin.

“Ah... Nessa we where just speaking about you." He says in a welcoming tone. I see Loki raise an eyebrow at me but I ignore him. “Your parents and I have come to a final decision regarding all of this mess and how we are going to... move forward." He clasps his hands up on that great big throne and looks down at me. 

“It would be best that you stay on Midgard for now with your adoptive father. For summer breaks as Loki has informers me, you may come back. But your education must come first." Through my shock I saw Loki' s eye twitch at the word “father". Then his words registered with me. “Wait, what?! What about Nate?" I asked tapping my thigh nervously. My anxiety was spiking and I did not like it.

This time my mother cut in. “Nathan now has a kingdom to restore. He will be very busy with his subjects." I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. “So you expect me just to go back to earth and pretend that this all never happened? Pretend that a Titan didn't just try to pick my brains to pieces!?" I screamed.

She didn't say anything and I spun around angrily. I hurried through the halls not really seeing anything and burst into the stables. Sleipnir was already saddled and I jumped up onto him and he took off.

We rode for awhile until we came to a stop at a meadow similar to the one Sleipnir first too me to. I buried my face into his mane and sobbed loudly. He whinied softly and paced nervously. “What's wrong Nessa?" I hiccuped trying to catch my breath.

“I'm probably never going to get to see Nate again!" I cried starting to sob again. By the time I stopped crying it was close to dark and it was starting to get chilly out side. Now I was laying on the ground beside Sleipnir slowly falling asleep from all my crying.

I must have dozed off because when I woke up it was completely dark, but in the distance I heard the pounding of hooves coming my way. I was too tired to try and get up so I fell back asleep.

The next time I woke up I was in my bed and changed into a night gown.


I was awakened by a maid early in the morning and she helped my get my things together. I dressed back in my normal clothes and Thor took me to the bifrost. I gave both my parents hugs but did not say much of anything.

I smiled solemnly at Heimdal before he sent me down and I was whisked away from Asgard. I landed with a hard thump on the hard ground in the middle of Time Square. Shit. I thought as I looked at the people who looked back shocked and terrified at me.

Before I could turn and book it out of there I was surrounded by police and they were waving their guns around at me. I held my hands up in surrender so that one of them didn't accidentally shoot me in the face.

A few black Suv's that I easily recognised as SHEILD's pulled up and my Dad jumped out of one of them. “Put your weapons down. She is not a threat." He barked at the police. They flinched at him and slowly lowered their weapons. I smirked and threw my arms around my dad as soon as he came close enough to me.

“You are in so much trouble young lady." He states after ushering me out of the sight of prying eyes and into the waiting car.


“You're still grounded." He told me once I'd finished telling him what happened. I made a face but he shut me down quickly. “That will teach you to never go intergalactic space hopping without telling me ever again.

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