Untitled Part 17

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been writing just bit of problems going down in my end. I pinky swear I'll be be back on a semi normal schedule.

Nick Fury's POV

“Breaking news reports! There are Aliens attacking New York!" “The National guard has been called in." Fury stood staring at the screens in front of him grimly. His mind was racing with thousands of thoughts, many of them about his daughter.

It'd been an hour since he got a call from Nessa. Although it had been short and brief he was relieved to know that she had been okay. As of now he wasn't so sure.

“Sir!" a computer analysis expert called him over enlarging the news on her screen. “Is this live?" he demanded seeing Nate pop on the screen.

A reporter was rapidly speaking to the camera, and hiding in an alley way. She turned to the fight and saw Nate blasting the aliens with his fire but there were too many for him to take on.

As they started to circle and get ready to catch him off guard Fury prepared for the worst. Then all of the sudden the aliens froze and rose up into the air hanging by their necks.

Simultaneously their necks were snapped and the crumpled to the ground. Nate extinguished his fire and hurried off screen.

Fury held his breathe as the reporter and camera man crept over and looked around the corner. Nate was kneeling on the ground and holding Nessa up right so that she wouldn't fall over.

Fury let out the breath he was holding and chuckled a little bit. He shook his head at the two of them and made a promise to never let Nessa outside of the house again.

He watched as they stood up to their full height and ducked into the same alley as the reporter. They didn't say anything as Nate cleaned up Nessa's bloody nose.

Then Nessa stiffened, her eyes were focused on something outside of the alley.

Nessa's POV

I heard a small cry from outside of the alley way and looked to see a young woman struggling to hold her baby close to her.

She was crouched under an over turned car and kept looking behind her at the now dead man laying there.

I saw the tears of pain running down her face as she kissed her small baby and strapped it into the car seat beside her.

When the woman turned to me again I saw blood staining the front of her blouse. I made eye contact with her and she looked at her baby and to me again.

“Nessa what are you doing?" Nate asked me looking at the woman. “I know what you're going to say but I have to." I whispered looking back over at the woman.

Nate looked at me deeply for a second then nodded. I peaked out if the alley to my right and saw a convoy of aliens heading our way.

I probably had only a thirty second window before they spotted me. Not enough time but I could do it.

I jumped up and bolted over to the car. When I reached I slid and kicked up a little bit of dust before I stopped.

“I can help you if you come with me." I said glancing back at the aliens.

“I believe you sweetheart, but you can't help me anymore." the woman said smiling gently at me.

I shook my head and formed a force field around us. The light green ball rippled around us before it disappeared invisible to the naked eye.

“Please we must hurry. I need to get you some medical help. You'll be fine with your baby and... I promise I'll get you help." I say grabbing her hand and trying to get her to move a little.

“I can't, I know I'm dying." She whispered with certainty. “But can you do one thing for me?" I nodded and stared at her intently.

“I need you to take care of my baby. Make sure she goes to a loving home. Her name is Mila. Her birthday is June the 2nd. Here." She said quickly putting a few pieces of paper into my hands.

My home address is on that paper. You'll find anything you need there. Please just promise me you'll protect her." She demanded, she placed a key into my hand and closed my hands around it.

“Yes. I will, to the best of my abilities." I promised her, my voice came out strong but on the inside my heart was breaking. This baby is about to become an orphan.

The woman nodded and sat back her hand grasping the sleeping babies'. I turned as I heard a screech and saw about twenty five aliens firing at my force field. Their shots bounced off harmlessly but it wouldn't be long till I couldn't hold them off anymore.

I glared at them from my shield and felt an anger building up inside of me. I let it build up until it was almost overwhelmed then I linked with Nate.

“Get down."

I waited a few seconds then released a ball of energy. I felt the power surge through me, and every alien turned to ashes.

I dropped to my knees and let my force field down. For a few seconds I couldn't hear anything but the strange ringing that buzzed throughout my head.

Then it seemed like all the sounds of the city rushed into my head. “Nessa! Talk to me!" I heard Nate frantically yelling at me. I jumped and came to my senses when he shook my shoulder.

“You're fine, Your fine!" he hurriedly said pulling me into a hug when he saw my alarmed looked.  I hugged him back just as I remembered the woman.

I pulled back and turned around. A tear rolled down my cheek when I saw her sitting still her eyes drawn to the sky and her hand still clutching her small baby's hand.

I crawled over to her and closed her eyes saying a silent prayer for her, and her husband. I placed her jacket around her body and looked at her baby in the carrier.

“What's her name?" I heard Nate ask me quietly. “Mila." I said slowly edging my way towards the baby. I picked up the carrier gently and stood up.

“Ill be right back. I'm taking her to Stark's." I told him before I disappeared. I appeared in the living room of the pent house.

“Jarvis?" I called out hesitantly while I set the carrier on the couch. “Yes Ms. Fury?" he replied.

“Could you tell me when she wakes up. I'm gonna go back out." I said making my way to the bar.

On the counter I grabbed an ear piece that I saw earlier.

“As you wish."

I nodded looking back at the couch before I disappeared.

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